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The 2019 PEI Women Conference will be in Nashville in late April/Early May. Dates to come soon.

The 2018 PEI Women Spring Conference, sponsored by Cim-Tek Filtration, closed with a bang on Friday, May 2, at noon, with Mary Kelly, Ph.D., U.S. Navy (Ret.), presenting on "Creating an Executive Presence: Effective Strategies for Women."

The conference kicked off the previous morning with entrepreneur and best-selling author Kay Frances as the keynote speaker with her session "Times Have Changed!"

Conference education also included a presentation by PEI President Robert Peavey and PEI Executive Vice President Rick Long.


Another popular session by Claudia St. John covered sexual harassment: "What Is It Exactly and How Can It Be Prevented?"


Attendees also enjoyed a panel discussion featuring the insights, perspectives and experiences of other PEI Women members. 






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The 2019 PEI Women Conference
Late April/Early May
Nashville, Tennessee


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