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Housing & Accommodations

PEI's Headquarters Hotel is the Mirage.

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Every year (including this year), PEI receives reports of hotel scammers attempting to hijack credit card information without actually booking hotel rooms. Please book through Connections Housing, the only official housing contractor for the event.

PEI also has rooms available at the following hotels: Elara, A Hilton Grand Vacations Hotel; The Westgate; The Westin Las Vegas Hotel and Spa; and Wynn Las Vegas.

See hotel descriptions and compare hotel amenities.

Please note: Direct reservations or those from third-party vendors will not be protected by Connections Housing. You must book through Connections Housing to enjoy special rates and features. To secure your hotel reservations today, simply view the instructions below or call 404-371-3394. If you have any questions, Connections Housing is available to assist you.  

Choose one of three easy ways to book your room:


Reserve your hotel online for individual rooms.


Download the hotel reservation form and email to or fax to 470-822-0250. Please provide Connections Housing with your top three preferences to secure the best available option. If your first preference is not available, you can be placed on a wait-list by going through Connections Housing.


Rooms also can be reserved by calling 404-371-3394. Mailed reservations will not be accepted. 

Why Book with Connections Housing?

Rate Assurance: Show Management has gone to great lengths to ensure that your rates are the lowest over the dates of the PEI Convention at the NACS Show. Dates are only available to attendees and exhibitors who book through the NACS Official Housing Company, Connections Housing.

Special Deals: Benefit from hotel incentives offered exclusively to PEI Convention at the NACS Show participants.

Waitlist: If you don’t see your preferred hotel available online, simply call Connections Housing and they will put you on the waitlist for that hotel. If that hotel becomes available, Connections will revise your reservation and send you a updated acknowledgment.

Free Shuttles: You'll receive complimentary shuttle service to the Show from all hotels that are not within walking distance to the convention center.

Networking Opportunities: Stay at hotels with other PEI Convention at the NACS Show attendees and exhibitors.

No Prepaying of Guest Rooms: Connections Housing will not charge an advance deposit on any reservation.

Save time: Let Connections Housing do the work of finding the perfect hotel for you.

Rest Easy: Know that Connections Housing is ready to assist and protect you regarding any hotel issues that may occur before, during, or after your stay.

Book With Confidence: Unlike some alternatives, as the NACS Official Housing Company, our rooms are inspected by NACS and special rates are contracted and we deliver as promised!

No Contract Required: For exhibitor or group bookings.

Buyer Beware!

Please be vigilant if dealing with any companies or services other than Connections Housing that imply or claim an affiliation with the PEI Convention at the NACS Show. 

We have been made aware of other housing companies that may be aggressively pursuing you or your company to book your guest rooms through their company at supposed significant discounts. Unfortunately, some past attendees and exhibitors have fallen prey to these companies and have either: lost their significant deposits; been relocated with little or no warning; not had the guest rooms they thought they had booked; or not received reservations at the hotel they had thought were confirmed. This has caused great hardships and significant financial loss to these companies and individuals. Reservations made through an agency other than Connections Housing will be at your own risk.