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Steel Tank Institute

The Steel Tank Institute (STI) is a trade association representing fabricators of steel storage tanks throughout the world. STI  develops standards and recommended practices for the industry, such as corrosion control requirements, secondary containment designs, and installation recommendations. In addition, STI licenses manufacturers of steel storage tanks to fabricate tanks in accordance with our specifications and perform quality control inspections.

 STI is a division of STI/SPFA. STI/SPFA serves its members, regulators and the public through research on state-of-the-art products; development of industry standards and certification programs; development of education, training, quality inspection and safety programs; expert commentary and participation in the regulatory and code development processes in several countries; and promotion of steel as a viable material for storage of products today and tomorrow.  STI/SPFA is composed of four membership sections: Shop-Fabricated Tanks for petroleum use, Field-erected Tanks for petroleum and water use, Pressure vessels, and Pipe for water transmission. In addition, Affiliate members provide materials and services to the manufacturers of the other sections.


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