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Southern Building Code Congress International

SBCCI is a nonprofit organization that develops, promotes, and promulgates model building codes, such as the Standard Plumbing Code, the Standard Gas Code, the Standard Fire Prevention Code, and the Standard Mechanical Code. SBCCI encourages local governments to enact its codes into law by reference, without cost to the governmental entity. In each of its codes, SBCCI asserts a copyright under which it claims the exclusive right to publish these codes or license their reproduction and publication. 

Once a governmental unit enacts such a code into law, copies are to be made available for inspection by the public in the enacting government's offices. Members of the public may make or obtain copies of portions of the SBCCI codes from city offices or local libraries or may purchase copies of the codes directly from SBCCI and from some bookstores as well. Although SBCCI is a nonprofit organization, it uses revenue from sales of its model codes to fund its continuing activities.