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Single Point Connection

A term used in Stage I vapor recovery operations to identify a system in which both the product hose, which delivers gasoline to the storage tank, and the vapor return hose are connected to the same fitting.

In some Stage I vapor recovery set-ups, product from the delivery truck flows into the storage tank through one opening in the tank, and displaced vapors from the tank flow through another opening into the hose that carries them back to a compartment on the delivery truck. But in a single-point connection, a special fitting is placed in one opening on the tank. Both the product hose and the vapor return hose are connected to this fitting. 

The fittings used for single-point connections are usually referred to as “coaxial” fittings. The system uses a reduced-diameterdrop tube that allows vapors to flow up between the drop tube and the fill pipe, while liquid flows down the drop tube into the tank.


See also Two stage compressor.