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PMP Corporation

PMP Corporation (originally named Petroleum Meter & Pump Co., Inc.) was formed in 1950 in Unionville, Connecticut.  The main business was remanufacturing meters, pumping units and mechanical computers, which are components of service station pumps.

The Farmington River flood of 1955-swept away the “old mill” building and with it the company operations.  Fortunately, the company had established a good reputation with its customers and suppliers and they were generous in helping them start up again.

In 1962, the company moved from Unionville to Farmington. Then, in 1977 the company moved to its present location at 25 Security Drive in Avon. The plant is set on eight scenic acres and includes fully air-conditioned 35,000 square feet. PMP employs over 70 people in its remanufacturing operation.

PMP products are sold primarily to equipment distributors, which installs PMP products using their own maintenance technicians. PMP products are also sold by distributors to oil companies and independent technicians. 

The major PMP product lines are remanufactured printers, cash drawers, dispenser valves, vapor recovery pumps, gasoline meters, suction pumps and mechanical computers.  In addition, related products such as electric resets, pulsers, ticket printers and mechanical counters are also remanufactured.


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