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This 36-page document published provides a basic reference that consolidates published and unpublished information from equipment manufacturers, installers, and end users concerning the proper inspection and maintenance of motor-vehicle fuel-dispensing equipment. The recommended practice applies to fueling equipment intended to dispense gasolinediesel, and related petroleum products into motor vehicles at commercial and retail-fueling facilities. Equipment covered includes all above-grade, liquid- and vapor-handling components, from the base of the dispenser cabinet to the nozzle spout.PEI has written this recommended practice to minimize the possibility of fuel-dispensing system failure, reduce fire hazards, promote fueling safety, and minimize environmental problems. The book includes chapters covering definitions, dispenser inspection, documentation, safety and fueling incident response. Chapters are also dedicated to daily, monthly, annual, and post-incident fueling system inspections. Six sample forms that can be used for recording inspection and maintenance data are included.External linkThe Sims 4 download