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PEI’s Recommended Practices for Installation of Underground Liquid Storage Systems provides the most current information on sound engineering and construction practices with regard to the proper installation of underground liquid storage systems. The 41-page manual was prepared as an industry service by the Petroleum Equipment Institute. 

The 2005 publication represents the fifth revision of the original 1986 document and replaces and supersedes the 2000 edition as significant changes have been made to text, drawings and tables. A few of the revisions include a new chapter dedicated to preinstallation inspection and tank testing; discussion of ballasting with fuel; a new section addressing release detection for satellite-dispenser piping; expanded, revised and reorganized test procedures tables; and a new chapter devoted to testing piping.

The document contains sections on excavating, backfilling, anchoring, piping, release detection, cathodic protection, secondary containment, and other aspects of tank system installation. There are three appendices as well. One shows formulas for calculating weight required to prevent tank floatout. Another describes procedures for calculating sacrificial anode requirements. The third contains a current publication reference of other tank installation documents. The manual, which contains 33 line drawings, is completely indexed.


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