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Manifolded Piping

A piping arrangement in a motor fuel storage and dispensing facility that involves simultaneous connections between more than a single tank and a single product dispenser

In the most basic piping layout, each dispenser hose would be connected through a single pipe to a single tank. But in a manifolded piping system, a variety of connections are possible. 

Examples of alternative piping connections include: a siphon piping connection between two tanks, so that if the product level in one tank falls below that in its companion tank, product withdrawals will automatically shift to the second tank; piping configuration in which a single fill connection provides access for the simultaneous filling of two tanks; A piping arrangement in which a main line is run from a tank to a point near a pump island and branches off to provide product to several individual dispenser hoses; and A piping arrangement where a single vent riser is connected to several underground tanks.