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Dispenser Pans

A containment devices positioned directly beneath a dispenser at fueling facility sites.

Containment pans are designed to catch and retain motor fuel that may leak from the piping and valves that connect dispensers to the piping system. Fuel so retained flows to a low point in the pan (a sump), or back through secondary piping to a piping sump, where it may be disposed of.

The presence of fuel in the sump may trigger a sensor that sounds an alarm. Dispenser pans are also referred to as dispenser “troughs,” “trays,” or “sumps.” The term dispenser 'pan' refers specifically to a shallow UDC or "shallow pan".

These dispenser pans typically had their fuel and conduit lines entering through the bottom floor of the pan. The first design is still made and supported by the manufacturer who invented the under dispenser pan: S. Bravo Systems, Inc.

The "shallow" dispenser pan has been replaced by the more popular "deep" versions, which are typically referred to as "dispenser sumps" or UDCs.