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Commercial Pump

A dispensing pump designed for use at a commercial location such as a taxi company or car rental agency.

Conventional dispensing pumps, used in gasoline stations and Cstores, are designed for the resale of motor fuel. Their features include displays of figures that indicate the number of gallons dispensed and the total price of the transaction.

At a fleet fueling facility, where all vehicles fueled may be owned by the same company, somewhat different features are required for dispensers. It is not necessary, for example, to show a per-gallon price or the total dollar amount of the transaction. It may be highly desirable, on the other hand, for the dispensing mechanism to be able to confirm that the person attempting to use the pump is authorized to do so. It may also be desirable to equip the device with computerized memory that retains the code number of each vehicle fueled, the number of gallons dispensed, the date and time of each transaction. To accommodate these varying needs, a variety of commercial dispensing pumps have been developed.

Some are relatively simple and would require the operator to simply turn on the pump and dispense product. while the dispenser indicates nothing more than the number of gallons being dispensed. Other commercial pumps, however, have more complex features. Some are operated through insertion of a card or key and "recognize" the card or key, and open the dispensing controls allowing the driver to proceed in dispensing of the product.

Physically, a commercial pump may look much like a single-unit retail dispensing pump. The capabilities of the two pumps, however, can be quite different.