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Air Stripper

A method used for removing contaminants from groundwater.

The procedure begins with contaminated water being pumped out of the ground into spray nozzles at the top of an “air stripper” tower. This tower is a column packed with small, many-sided, oddly-shaped pieces of plastic or ceramic. As the water falls through the packing material, droplets of liquid, containing contaminants, collect on the multi-sided surfaces. Simultaneously, air or steam is forced upward through the tower. The air or steam removes the contaminants from the packing material, and is discharged through the top of the stripper tower as vapor. This contaminated vapor is then treated through use of carbon filters or catalytic combustion chambers.

The resultant clean water collects in a sump at the base of the tower and is pumped to a discharge point; the contaminant-free air is discharged into the atmosphere.