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UST Installer Training

PEI now offers a one-day recertification course for UST installers. The course is based on the 2017 edition of the PEI RP100, Recommended Practices for Installation of Underground Storage Tanks.

The course will be available to companies based in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Mississippi as well as companies and individuals in surrounding states that require West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Mississippi UST certification. Installers in other states are eligible to take the training without certification.

The course, taught by industry veteran Carl E. “Buddy” Bayliss, president of PEI member B C & C LLC of Winchester, Virginia, is certified by each of the states as an 8-hour continuing education course required for the recertification of licensed UST installation professionals.

Each participant will receive a comprehensive take-home notebook that includes the newly revised RP100, plus four other PEI Recommended Practice documents (AST installation, vapor recovery, UST inspection, and marina refueling equipment). The notebook will also contain installation instructions from various equipment manufacturers, as well as OSHA and NIOSH safety guidance. PEI will award a certificate of completion to all persons successfully completing the eight-hour course.

The one-day course, which requires a minimum of 10 attendees, will be held in facilities provided by member companies.

Installers interested in hosting the one-day course should contact Melinda Whitney at 918-494-9696 or for availability and pricing information.



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