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Service Technician Recruitment

Need more service technicians? PEI has four tools that will help you find that next rock star service tech. 

First Tool : PEI's 90-Second Service Technician Video Clips

In your advertising efforts to find that next service technician, PEI has partnered with a professional advertising agency to produce three, 90-second video clips that you are free to use in any of your recruitment ads. Each of the three video profiles introduces our industry and the position of a service technician to potential employment candidates. Contact Rex Brown to get the video file to upload to your company's social media site.

Aren't familiar with how to place these videos on your company's social media sites? Download the Gitwit presentation to learn how to use these new PEI videos on social media  to find your next technician.

Watch a few of the videos below!


Second Tool: PEI's Skills Aptitude Assessment Test

Think you've found your rock star? PEI has partnered with a professional online testing firm, PSI, to produce a technologically and scientifically based skills aptitude test for the service technician industry. This test is only $45 and will provide you with a good picture of your candidate's skills and aptitude for the service technician industry.

 Missed our last free webinar?  Click on this link and listen to a previously recorded webinar on our YouTube channel.  

To start using our Technician Skills Aptitude Test download and complete the PSI account setup & agreement

Third tool: PEI's Entry-Level Service Technician Training Course manual

This training course manual teaches basic job skills and information new employees will use during the first few days on the job. This course is intended to supplement existing company training and includes photos and easy-to-read explanations. Use in conjunction with our online exam (below).
Member price is $50 (nonmember price is $250)!
Order it today!


Bonus: Entry-Level Service Technician Training Exam

This exam is intended to gauge the user's understanding of The Entry-Level Service Technician Training Course manual. Fifty random, multiple-choice questions generated from the training course will be given. Upon completion, the user will be presented with his or her results with correct responses. This online exam is $45. Order it today!