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API Color Code Update

API will soon revise their RP1637, Using the API Color-Symbol System to Mark Equipment and Vehicles for Product Identification at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities and Distribution Terminals. It is currently in its 3rd Edition and a revision group is being created for this effort. 

If you would like to participate in this update effort download the following document:

PEI Seeks Technical Writer

PEI Is Hiring!

As our technical needs and resources continue to grow, PEI has created a new full-time staff position--Lead Technical Writer. See below for the complete job description and instructions on how to apply.


Fire at PEI Headquarters

PEI’s headquarters in Tulsa, OK, experienced a fire Tuesday night, Feb. 11, 2014. Fortunately, no one was harmed. However, the building was severely damaged. By noon Wednesday, PEI staff had relocated to a temporary space.

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