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The Next Normal: Trends That Will Define 2021  

McKinsey & Co. on Jan. 4 released an article that examines what 2021 will look like for business. According to the article, trends will include: A return of confidence and consumer rebound Leisure travel bounces back, but business travel lags A wave of innovation and new entrepreneurs Accelerated Fourth Industrial Revolution Changed shopping behaviors Supply chains balance, shift Future of work arrives ahead of schedule A biopharma revolution Accelerated portfolio restructuring Increased sustainability Click for article  

40 Communication Tips to Boost Your Audience's Understanding

Marketing and content guru Josh Spector shares 40 tips to help you write, speak and express your ideas clearly. Here are a few examples: "You can’t explain something you don’t understand and you don’t understand something you can’t explain." "Honesty is a communication hack because people so rarely hear it." "Use the words your audience uses." "The main character in any story is the person you tell it to."   Click for article

Hacking the Eisenhower Matrix

"If you’ve ever faced a mounting list of to-dos, chances are you’ve tried using an 'Eisenhower Box' — a matrix that helps you determine what’s urgent and truly important," according to a Nobl article. "As the story goes, the celebrated military hero and U.S. president was so darn effective because he used this tool to ruthlessly prioritize." Click for article


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