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HR's Role: From Processes to People

An article by McKinsey & Co. states that to build organizational resilience and generate value, HR leaders must do four things: Engage more directly and deeply with employees. Let employees bring their "whole person" to work. Spread decision-making across the organization. Expand their view of "talent" across the whole ecosystem. Read article


An article from McKinsey & Co. states businesses that seek external social contributions should look in the mirror.  Improving workers' job satisfaction, according to the article, could be the most important thing businesses do. It's a defining moment. How can companies conserve cash and aggressively restructure? Simply keeping employees happy can boost profitability and enhance organizational health. Click for article

Expiring vs. Permanent Skills

Morgan Housel writes that there are two kinds of skills: expiring and permanent. Expiring skills are vital at a given time, yet prone to diminishing as technology improves and fields evolve. Permanent skills were as essential 100 years ago as they will be in 100 years. At least eight permanent skills apply to many fields. Click for article

How to Be a Superboss: Hire Most Talented, Push Constant Learning 

Nurturing talent will help companies survive the global COVID-19 pandemic, according to Peter Cappelli and Sydney Finkelstein.  Cappelli, a professor of management at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and Finkelstein, a professor of management at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, recently recorded a podcast on superbosses.  The key, they said, is finding the best talent, then pushing them to continue learning and hitting goals. Click for podcast and transcript   

Clearly Defined Decision-Making Structure Boosts Performance

Any organization can get decision rights right if its leaders will give the matter enough attention and focus, according to a Deloitte Insights article by Tiffany McDowell and David Mallon. Getting it right, according to the authors, depends largely on a small set of factors. Their research shows that organizations with high organization design maturity: Simplify and clarify decision rights across the organization. Establish strong, transparent accountability for decisions made. Align individuals in decision-making groups to a common mission. Encourage distributed authority. Prioritize the customer voice in decisions. Click for article


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