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Distributors Haven't Developed AI to Compete With Amazon Yet

Amazon’s logistics powerhouse, marketplace and best-in-the-world artificial intelligence expertise enables the new form of commerce, writes Ian Heller for MDM. The wholesale distribution sector is unable to fight Amazon in its core areas of expertise for now. But that can change as distributors adopt new technologies and realize their current strengths. Click for article

Best Leaders Shift Companies Ahead of Market Disruptions

Allen Adamson, co-founder and managing partner of disruptive marketing and product consultancy Metaforce, writes in a CEO magazine blog that the best leaders embrace changing technologies and markets. Those leaders, according to Adamson’s interviews with 100 executives who have weathered various industry disruptions, possess three main characteristics:  Peripheral vision The ability to see and seize The understanding that “success is never final.” Click for article

3 Steps Companies Can Take to Prevent Sexual Harassment

Victor Lipman, a contributor at Forbes, provides three actions companies can take to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace: A directive on sexual harassment needs to come straight from the CEO. Sexual harassment needs to be built into every manager's performance expectations. A universally known, 100 percent-safe reporting mechanism must exist. Click for article


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