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"Uptake of EVs accelerates in all road segments as cost parity of EVs is reached by the early to mid-2020s," according to the McKinsey & Co. "Global Energy Perspective 2019: Reference Case." The report includes a graph that shows the timing of cost parity of EVs with traditionally fueled vehicles in the EU. According to the report, total cost of ownership parity timing in China and the U.S. is similar to that of the EU, with China slightly earlier and the U.S. slightly later. The report predicts EV costs will decrease rapidly, attributed largely to lower battery costs. Click for report

Millennials Mix Business Trips, Vacations ... Don't Tell Bosses

National Car Rental’s "2019 State of Business Travel Survey," which found millennials use “bleisure” to save on vacation costs, also showed that adding vacation time to a business trip is a major incentive. The survey found that half of millennials book vacations around business trips, and 76 percent said they’re significantly more inclined to take a business trip if an added vacation is an option. Click for article

How to Win at Everything: Clarity, Clarity, Clarity

Karen Martin, president of the global consulting firm TKMG Inc. and a leading authority on business performance and Lean management, writes that she often hears business people throw around the term "VUCA" as though they can't control their situations. Rather that accepting ambiguity as the norm, Martin writes, leaders and their organizations need to develop intolerance for ambiguity. Clarity around an organization's purpose, priorities, processes, performance and problem-solving reverses organizational drag, and everyone wins. Click for article


The most significant rule the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is expected to complete in 2019 is changing which injury and illness records employers must provide the agency (RIN:1218-AD17), according to a recent Bloomberg article. OSHA expects the final rule will be released in June. The rule would overturn several Obama-era requirements. The changes would affect many PEI companies. If the final rule reflects OSHA proposals, small companies in hazardous industries and all large employers would be required to submit only an annual summary of the total number of injuries and illnesses and the percentage of workers injured or made sick. Employers wouldn’t have to provide information on individual cases as the current rule requires. Click for article

Quiz: How to Stretch Your Life Span

A CNN quiz analyzes individual habits such as exercise, smoking frequency and alcohol consumption in conjunction with gender, proximity to parks and transportation methods to generate personalized tips to live longer. The quiz also provides life expectancy rates among age groups and genders in countries. Women in the U.S., for example, on average live longer than women in Mexico and China but have shorter life spans than women in Cuba and the U.K. Men in the U.S. on average outlive men in Barbados and the United Arab Emirates but fall short of life spans in Slovenia and Greece. Click for quiz


From getting up earlier and drinking more water to making 90-day sprints instead of New Year’s resolutions, these success tips are backed by science, psychology and the successful people who practice them.  Here’s a snippet of the first 10 tips: Wake up earlier. Drink more water. Write your goals down, every single morning. Put your phone on airplane mode more often. Go on walks as much as possible. Clearly prioritize your life. Eliminate all nonpriorities (your life is a product of your standards). Become more playful and imaginative. Create more peak experiences. Deepen your relationship with your parents. Click for article

5 Trends That Will Disrupt US Logistics Companies  

As logistics goes digital, changes are coming to industry structure, operations and profits. In the first of a series, Aisha Chottani, Greg Hastings, John Murnane and Florian Neuhaus, of McKinsey & Co., examine the impact of autonomous trucks. “What is happening is fairly well understood, if initially underestimated,” the authors write. “Digitization and other technological advances are exposing the vulnerabilities in every industry, particularly retail. And now, logistics companies are starting to feel the heat. Our new research has turned up five trends that offer startling indicators of impending change for the trucking, rail, warehousing, and logistics companies that move America’s merchandise.” The five trends are: Autonomous trucks E-commerce Automation Asset sharing Data analytics Click for article

15 Companies in EV Charging

This Navigant Research Leaderboard examines the strategy and execution of 15 leading providers of public charging networks and electric vehicle (EV) charging services that operate in the major plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) markets of North America and Europe. The report rates suppliers on 12 criteria: vision; go-to-market strategy; partners; product strategy; technology; geographic strategy; sales, marketing and distribution; product performance; product portfolio; grid integration; customer solutions; and staying power. Using Navigant Research’s proprietary Leaderboard methodology, vendors are profiled, rated and ranked with the goal of providing industry participants with an objective assessment of these companies’ relative strengths and weaknesses in the current commercial charging services market. Companies rated are: EVBox ChargePoint Enel X NewMotion Greenlots Allego Chargemaster Fortum Innogy EVgo SemaConnect AddEnergie POD Point Clever Blink Charging Click for report


El Niño strikes again, and winter 2018-19 will reflect that. Jillian MacMath of AccuWeather reports:  El Niño will affect the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes and eastern Ohio Valley. Cold air and storms will blast the Southeast, Tennessee Valley and Gulf Coast. The western Ohio Valley, Midwest and central/northern Plains will see a mild start to the season. Snow and ice will hit the southern Plains. Heat and dryness will dominate the Southwest. Snow and rain could target the Northwest and Rockies. Click for forecast


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