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Tips for Effective Communication Amid Masking, Distancing

Wearing masks and standing 6 feet apart make it harder to communicate. Here are some tips: Have your communication partner’s attention.   Face your partner directly. Ensure nothing is blocking your view.  Talk a little louder. Talk a little slower.  Use your hands and body language.  Ask your partner if he or she understood you. If not, say it differently or write it down.  Move to a quieter place.  Ask if you can do anything to make communication easier for you both.  More

HR's Role: From Processes to People

An article by McKinsey & Co. states that to build organizational resilience and generate value, HR leaders must do four things: Engage more directly and deeply with employees. Let employees bring their "whole person" to work. Spread decision-making across the organization. Expand their view of "talent" across the whole ecosystem. Read article


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