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autonomous vehicles


A Dec. 1, 2020, article by McKinsey & Co. tells the other side of the robo-taxi story: private autonomous vehicles. "Many compa­nies recognize AD’s (autonomous driving's) enormous potential and are forging ahead," the article states. "But in addition to technological hurdles, they face many uncertain­ties, including those related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the exact regulatory requirements that will be established, and customer willingness to pay. These could affect both the availability and adoption of AD features." Click for article

5 Trends That Will Disrupt US Logistics Companies  

As logistics goes digital, changes are coming to industry structure, operations and profits. In the first of a series, Aisha Chottani, Greg Hastings, John Murnane and Florian Neuhaus, of McKinsey & Co., examine the impact of autonomous trucks. “What is happening is fairly well understood, if initially underestimated,” the authors write. “Digitization and other technological advances are exposing the vulnerabilities in every industry, particularly retail. And now, logistics companies are starting to feel the heat. Our new research has turned up five trends that offer startling indicators of impending change for the trucking, rail, warehousing, and logistics companies that move America’s merchandise.” The five trends are: Autonomous trucks E-commerce Automation Asset sharing Data analytics Click for article
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