PEI Staff Directory

J. Rex Brown 
Director of Information Services  918.236.3961
WEmerick Whitney Emerick
Marketing Director  918.236.3965
Teresa Jonkman Teresa Farmer
Membership Manager  918.236.3969
Rick Long
Executive Vice President & General Counsel  918.236.3970
Dana Roseberry
Director of Advertising  239.542.8123
  Elizabeth Purvis
Accounting  918.236.3967

Sarah West 
Director of Education & Convention  918.236.3968

Melinda Whitney

Melinda Whitney 
Director of Operations  918.236.3977

Kristen Wright 
Editor in Chief  918.236.3963

Bob Young
Director of Industry Relations
Exhibits Coordinator  918.236.3966


Not sure who to contact? 
Use our contact form to send your question or comments. 



Not sure who to contact? 
Use our contact form to send your question or comments. 

Petroleum Equipment Institute 
P. O. Box 2380 
Tulsa, OK 74101-2380 
Telephone: 918-494-9696 
Fax: 918-491-9895

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