April 18, 2013 | Vol. 64, No. 08

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Dear PEI Member:

The Petroleum Equipment Institute has published a new document entitled Recommended Practices for the Design, Installation, Service, Repair and Maintenance of Aviation Fueling Systems (PEI/RP1300).

The 24-page document establishes minimum acceptable practices for installing new equipment and guidelines for upgrading existing fueling systems at general aviation facilities. This recommended practice provides a single reference source for engineering firms and installers who need critical information to properly design and operate these systems. The document does not cover the design or operation of hydrant systems or ground equipment fueling distribution systems.

If you serve fixed base operators in any manner, you should have a copy of this publication. We urge you not to use the draft made available last year since public comments to that draft resulted in significant changes to the recommended practice. PEI/RP1300 is copyrighted and may not be photocopied or otherwise reproduced. Order online ($40 for members; $95 for nonmembers) at www.pei.org/rp1300.

The document was written by the PEI Aviation Fueling Committee: Jim O'Day (chairman), O'Day Equipment, LLC; Robert A. Becker, Becker Aviation Specialists; Michael J. Brunmeier, Petro-Chemical Systems, Inc.; Mark W. Cowie, White Tucker Company; Roy Creley, Lakes Region Environmental Contractors; Penelope Ellis, FuelMaster Syn-Tech Systems; Arthur H. Hoffmann, A. H. Hoffmann, LLC; Charles B. Hubbard, Oil Equipment Sales & Service Co., Inc.; Gordon Johnson, Millennium Systems International, LLC; John B. Lindner, Epic Aviation, LLC; Ron McDowell, PECOFacet; Scott Milsted, Mascott Equipment Company, Inc.; Thomas M. Riddle, TolTest Inc; Steve Thickstun, Advanced Fuel Systems Inc.; and Brian Wiegert, Rounds & Associates. 

PEI/RP1300 Published

Electronic Versions of PEI RPs Available

PEI Midyear Board Meeting Summary

In This Issue

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PEI now offers electronic versions of all PEI Recommended Practices. These are files that can be downloaded to your computer for viewing or printing. The files are in a secure PDF format and encrypted so that only the original purchaser can access the document. Cost of the electronic versions is the same as printed copies, but you save shipping and handling expense by purchasing the electronic version.

The security feature is managed with a plugin called FileOpen. This free software is an extension to Adobe Acrobat and validates your identity when you open the files. The FileOpen plugin is available for most computer operating systems and some mobile devices. For more information and links to download the necessary software, refer to www.pei.org/FAQ.

The PEI Board of Directors met last week in Del Mar, California, and made a number of policy decisions related to membership services and association operations. Here is a summary.

Electronic Board Elections. Currently, members are nominated and elected to the PEI Board of Directors by mail ballot. The board determined it would better serve the membership to conduct elections electronically, and asked staff to begin the process of amending the PEI Constitution and Bylaws to permit electronic balloting for board positions. If approved by the members at PEI's general membership meeting at the 2013 PEI Convention in Atlanta, the association will be in position to conduct electronic elections beginning in 2014.

Composition and Size of the PEI Board of Directors. The directors reviewed two proposals to increase the size of the board and one proposal to reduce the number of members on the board. After lengthy discussion, the directors voted to keep the number of voting members on the board at 18.

Budget Approved. A $2,803,281 budget for the fiscal year that began April 1 was approved by the board. No dues increase for 2013-2014 was required, marking the 20th year in a row that PEI members have paid dues based on the same dues schedule.

Review of States' Statutes of Limitations and Repose. The directors asked staff to review the statutes of limitations and repose in all 50 states and report its findings to the Strategic Long Range Planning Committee.

Raise the Level of PEI Educational Offerings. PEI will investigate ways to ramp up its general business and industry-specific educational offerings. Programs may be offered through such media as books, seminars, webcasts, conferences, online training, peer groups and convention sessions.     

Committee Recommendations Approved. Reports from PEI's Education and Convention, Strategic Long Range Planning, Safety, Investment, and Young Executives Committees were reviewed and approved. Here are some of the committees' recommendations of general interest to PEI members that were approved by the directors:

  • Accidents that appeared in past SafetyLetters will be indexed, arranged by subject matter, and made available online.
  • A seminar/conference for PEI members on warehouse managementwith an emphasis on inventory controlwill be planned.
  • A peer group program for women in the petroleum equipment industry will be formed. Program design will be driven by participants.
  • The PEI model contract language will be reviewed, updated and revised as appropriate.

PEI President Terry Cooper, Marion, Iowa, presided at the midyear meeting. Other officers, directors and staff attending the meeting included:
Phil Farrell, Kansas City, MO (vice president)
Kevin McKinney, Mobile, AL (treasurer)
Joey Cheek, Tampa, FL (immediate past president)
Bob Renkes, Tulsa, OK (executive vice president)
James Ether, Saratoga, NY (District 1)
Jody Porter, Yeadon, PA (District 2)
Joey Batchelor, Jacksonville, FL (District 3)
Bill Morgan, Cleveland, OH (District 4)
Mike Hoffman, Mobile, AL (District 5)
Robert Stenstrom, Rockford, IL (District 6)
Bret Swan, Minneapolis, MN (District 7)
John Keller, San Antonio, TX (District 8)
John Moore, Fresno, CA (District 9)
Al Eichorn, Avon, CT (District 10)
Brian Shelton, Clarkston, MI (District 11)
Tim Weiss, Dubuque, IA (District 12)
Joey Arn, Jacksonville, FL (District 13)
Liz Concannon, Minden, NV (Affiliate Division)
Chris Lawson, Irving, TX (Service & Construction Division)
Rick Long, Tulsa, OK (PEI General Manager) 

SouthEastern Petroleum Systems, Inc. (SEPS), Charlotte, North Carolina, has acquired the assets of Tank Services & Petroleum, Troutman, North Carolina. The acquisition bolsters SEPS' installation capabilities in the Carolinas, Georgia and Virginia. Waine Pepper, founder and president of Tank Services, will now direct SEPS' installation department from its headquarters office in Charlotte. 

Brenda Jane Johnstone
, publisher of Convenience & Carwash Canada, has been named a finalist in the 2013 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, sponsored by the Women Business Owners of Manitoba. The winners will be revealed May 16.
Shell and TravelCenters of America LLC (TA) have finalized an agreement to develop a nationwide network of liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling centers for heavy-duty road transport customers. The plan is to construct at least two LNG fueling lanes and a storage facility at up to 100 existing TA and Petro Stopping Centers along the U.S. interstate highway system. Construction and opening of the LNG stations will be done in a phased approach, with the first station scheduled to be operational in about a year, Shell said.
Wildco/PES, Manchester, New Hampshire, has added Dave Moore to its senior management team as director of service. Moore, a 25-year industry veteran, most recently served as manager of fuel operations for BJ's Wholesale Club.
The Washington State Legislature passed a bill that would impose a fine of $124 on drivers who park in a designated electric vehicle charging station without charging the vehicle. Even electric vehicles that are parked in the charging station space but not charging will be subject to the $124 fine. The bill now goes to Washington Governor Jay Inslee for signature.  
The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee narrowly (18-17) approved a bill (H.R. 875) April 11 that would repeal waivers provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for introducing gasoline containing up to 15 percent ethanol (E15) into the market until further scientific review. H.R. 875 will now go to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has primary oversight of EPA among House committees.

Georgia construction management firm
. Blackwater Construction Group, LLC, 2200 Satellite Boulevard, Suite 805, Duluth, Georgia 30097, has applied for service and construction division. Imran Niazi is president of the firm, which was established in 2008. The company is a general contracting and construction management firm. Sponsored for PEI membership by Scott Jones, JonesFrank, Raleigh, NC.


  • Oasis Car Wash Systems, Galena, KS (mfr)
  • Earthsafe Systems, Inc., Willowbrook, IL (mfr)
  • Environmental Alliance, Inc., Wilmington, DE (aff)
  • Manufacturers Distributor, Inc., Tampa, FL (aff)
  • Monroe Mechanical Services, Inc., Weedsport, NY (S&C)


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