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June 21, 2012 | Vol. 62, No. 13

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Dear PEI Member:

On June 15, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gave final approval for 57 companies to sell gasoline-ethanol blends containing up to 15 percent ethanol (E15).

EPA's action came as a result of its final approval of the companies' misfueling mitigation plans (MMPs). The companies whose plans were approved had notified EPA in writing that they wished to use the March 2, 2012, model plan submitted by the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA). Before approving their requests, EPA sought more information about how E15 would be dispensed, particularly from blender pumps. After working with RFA and individual plan submitters, EPA determined that an addendum to RFA's retailer handbook, which is referenced in the model plan, provided the necessary information for EPA to approve the individual plan submitters' MMPs.

EPA explains on its website that it may seek additional information and/or require additional refueling mitigation measures, as appropriate, considering the company's specific circumstances. It is possible that, as E15 enters the market, the Agency will notify companies with approved MMPs if additional measures are necessary.

As a result of EPA's action on June 15, these 57 companies have met all Clean Air Act requirements related to E15 and may lawfully introduce E15 into the marketplace. Petroleum marketers are reminded that there are a number of additional factors, including requirements under other federal, state and local laws, that may affect the distribution of E15. 

PEI is soliciting individuals who would like to serve on the committee responsible for writing PEI's Recommended Practices for the Installation of Fueling Systems for Emergency Generators and Fuel Oil Supplied Boiler Systems (tentative title). The document would apply to the installation of aboveground and underground atmospheric, shop-fabricated gasoline or diesel fuel tanks, associated piping and ancillary equipment for stationary standby or emergency generators.

All members of the committee will be expected to attend three two-day meetings over an 18-month period, beginning early next year. While committee members pay their own travel expenses, PEI pays for the meals during the meetings. Only individuals having relevant experience with fueling systems for emergency generators should apply. Those people interested in serving on this committee should contact Chris Bouldin at by July 13 to volunteer or learn more. All interested individuals should include a brief statement describing their experience with these systems and why they are interested in serving on the committee. All appointments to the committee will be made by PEI president Joey Cheek.

How does your company measure up? The PEI Distributor Profitability Survey is the best way to benchmark your financial well-being to industry norms and receive recommendations for specific changes you can make to improve your bottom line.

The deadline for participation in the survey is June 30. Please complete and return your PEI Distributor Profitability Survey questionnaire by clicking here. All information is handled with complete confidentiality. There is no cost to participate as the PEI Distributor Survey is a benefit of your membership in PEI.

If you have questions on any aspect of the Survey or the process, please contact Chris Bouldin at

EPA Clears E15 For Sale at U.S. Gas Stations

PEI Seeks Volunteers to Serve on Emergency Generator Installation RP Committee

PEI Distributor Profitability Survey Responses Due June 30

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Chinese-Japanese investment group agreed to buy Saab Automobile
and convert the bankrupt Swedish manufacturer into a maker of electric cars. The first vehicle made under the new plan will be based on Saab's 9-3 car and will go on sale early in 2014, with China as the main market, said purchaser National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB and the bankruptcy administrators for Saab.
New York State has awarded $4.4 million to 10 companies, municipalities and other entities to help fund the installation of some 325 new electric charging stations across the state.

announced June 5 that it will acquire 10 stores across Ohio and northern Kentucky from Road Ranger, in exchange for a Chicago-area truck stop and cash. In addition to that deal, Speedway announced in late May that it has completed the purchase of 87 Gas America stations it had agreed to buy in February.
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has withdrawn a proposed revision to the Stage II vapor recovery program state implementation plan (SIP) that would have requested U.S. EPA to waive the requirement to implement Stage II in the five outlying Dallas-Fort Worth counties of Ellis, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker and Rockwell. The action follows EPA's final rule determining that widespread use of on-board refueling vapor recovery (ORVR) technology has occurred. TCEQ stated in a press release that the current Stage II program requirements in Texas will remain in place until the TCEQ determines if it is appropriate to modify the Stage II program.
Tanknology Inc., Austin, Texas, announced June 13 that Tottal Inspecciones Perú S.A.C. of Lima, Peru, has become an international licensee of the company.
OmegaFlex, Inc., Exton, Pennsylvania, has hired Gary Baker as the director of business development of their industrial division. He brings more than 30 years of experience in all facets of fuel system design, repair and sales. Baker can be reached at 713-409-5227.
Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Greensboro, North Carolina, has named Travis Bouck as vice president of marketing for North America. In this role, Bouck will lead Gilbarco's marketing team in positioning and product strategy, business development and new product identification.

TravelCenters of America LLC (TA) and Shell Oil Products US (Shell)
and its affiliates have entered into a memorandum of understanding to construct (Shell) and operate (TA) at least 200 liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling lanes in at least 100 TA locations. The companies expect the first LNG fueling lanes to be open for business in 2013. TA operates a network of 238 travel centers under the brand names TravelCenters of America, TA and Petro Stopping Centers.
Rebates offered through Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) and approved by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission June 18 provide incentives for Oklahomans to power their vehicles with natural gas. The rebates are $2,500 for vehicles that run solely on natural gas, $1,500 for cars that run on natural gas and gasoline, and $2,500 for residential systems that allow owners to refuel their vehicles at home. The utility will pay the rebate through a 25-cent per gallon-equivalent surcharge at the 25 ONG-owned natural gas fueling stations in the state. The surcharge will raise prices at ONG dispensers from the current $1.11 per gallon equivalent to $1.36. ONG is prohibited by law from making any profit on CNG vehicle fuel sales.
Argonne National Laboratory says that natural gas as a transportation fuel has both adequate abundance and cost advantages that make a strong case to focus interest on the technology as a real game changer in U.S. energy security. "In terms of consumer ownership and use costs, the case to make a switch from current fuels to CNG is much more compelling than for other alternative fuels like ethanol and electricity," said Mike Duoba, an engineer at the Argonne's auto research center. 

A five-state study of the regulatory business climate by the Southwest Minnesota State University Marketing Advisory Center found the hardest business to start was a gasoline station/convenience store. The study attributed that finding to the number of permits required from different state agencies governing the sale and handling of food, fuel and lottery tickets.

CNG dispensing equipment manufacturer
. Tulsa Gas Technologies, Inc., 4809 South 101st East Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145, has applied for manufacturer division membership in PEI. Tom Sewell is president of the company, which was established in 1990. Tulsa Gas Technologies manufactures CNG dispensing equipment and related components which are sold through distributors. Sponsored for PEI membership by Richard D. Dixon, Hoidale, Wichita, KS. 
Brunei Darussalam installation and service firm
. Han S.L. Sdn Bhd, P. O. Box 281, Gadong Post Office, Negara Brunei, Brunei Darussalam BE3978, has applied for service and construction division membership. Low Yeow Wei is director of the firm, which was established in 1999. The company installs and services fuel dispensing pumps and tank level management systems. Sponsored for PEI membership by David Ngiam, Haneflex, Singapore.
Quebec service contractor. R. Dumas (2007) Inc., 1765 Effingham, Terrebonne, Quebec J6Y 1R8, has applied for service and construction division membership. Jean-Guy Dumas is the president of the firm, which was established in 2007. The company services and maintains pumps, consoles, POS systems, fuel management and tank gauging systems. R. Dumas also installs aboveground petroleum equipment. Sponsored for PEI membership by Ken Pittman, KMDDis, Montreal, Quebec.
Massachusetts installation contractor
. Petroleum Engineering, Inc., 12 William Way, Bellingham, Massachusetts 02019, has applied for service and construction division membership. Ralph P. Meier is president of the firm, which was established in 1989. The company primarily serves as an installation contractor building new stations and convenience stores. Sponsored for PEI membership by John Nolan, JWKennedy, East Providence, RI.
Tennessee service provider. MVI Field Services, 2200 Clifton Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37203, has applied for service and construction division membership in PEI. Willo Smith is president and CEO of the firm, which was established in 2011. The company provides regulatory compliance inspections, facility management, underground storage tank and Stage II vapor recovery training, and facility assessments. Sponsored for PEI membership by Glen Corkill, SourceIL, Addison, IL. 
Michigan lighting company. BDT Lightsource, 31659 Glendale, Livonia, Michigan 48150, has applied for affiliate division membership. Michelle Tokarz is executive administrator for the firm, which was established in 2009. The company provides retrofit solutions for induction lights for station canopies. Sponsored for PEI membership by B. F. Larson, OWLarsonCo, Clarkston, MI.


  • Ford's Equipment, Macon, GA (dis)
  • Loxahatchee Electronics Corp., Royal Palm Beach, FL (mfr)
  • Natural Gas Vehicle Institute, Las Vegas, NV (aff)
  • Ontrak Software, Indian Land, SC (aff)
  • Global Control Solutions, LLP, Raleigh, NC (aff)
  • Ursa Engineering Inc., Redding, CA (S&C)
  • EFS West, Valencia, CA (S&C)
  • Petro Tank Solutions, LLC, Birmingham, AL (S&C)
  • AFD Management services, Nassau, Bahamas (S&C)


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