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December 20, 2011 | Vol. 61, No. 24

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Dear PEI Member:

In the November 15, 2011, TulsaLetter, PEI announced a two-day CNG Fueling Station Design and Construction Course to be held in Las Vegas on February 23-24, 2012, coinciding with the conclusion of the 2012 WPMA Convention and Convenience Store Expo. The newsletter announcement noted that space for the course was limited and advance registration required. That course is now sold out and a waiting list has been established.

When we planned the CNG course we committed to hold the session even if as few as four people registeredalthough we hoped for twenty. In less than a month we had 60 registrants, which is the maximum number our instructor Leo Thomason says he can effectively teach considering the amount of interactive participation the course generates. Thomason is co-founder of the Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi) and an expert recognized worldwide for his knowledge of natural gas fueling and vehicle technology. 

Given members' interest in CNG fueling systems, PEI is looking at additional ways to offer information on this subject. If you would like to be included on the waiting list for the February 23-24 course and/or notified of future CNG-related opportunities and resources, please contact Sondra Sutton at or 918-236-3967.


  • January 3Hotel and advance registration deadline for those attending the Young Executives Conference, February 2-4, in Cancun, Mexico. Register for the seminar by January 3rd and save $100!
  • January 5, 2:00 pm, ESTWebinar (free) on test results of fueling infrastructure equipment/materials with various ethanol blends. Hosted by Oakridge National Laboratory and National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Includes plastics (new), metals and elastomers. No need to register in advance. Questions, contact Kristi Moriarty at
  • January 6―Last day for changes to the 2012 PEI Directory. Contact Carletta Denison with questions:
  • January 17Deadline for public comments to revise PEI/RP400 (Recommended Procedure for Testing Electrical Continuity of Fuel-Dispensing Hanging Hardware) and PEI/RP600 (Recommended Practices for Overfill Prevention for Shop-fabricated Aboveground Tanks).

PEI CNG Station Design and Construction Course

January Dates to Note

Propane and CNG Refueling Articles

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"Converting truck and van fleets to run on propane can save big bucks. Liquid propane, or autogas, tends to run $1 to $2 per gallon less than gasoline and enables comparable towing and hauling capabilities. State and federal tax credits can further sweeten the deal but aren't necessary to make the investment pay off. Other alternative fuels, such as natural gas, entail much pricier fueling infrastructure. Another selling point: Clean-burning propane helps project a greener image. Interest in autogas is starting to perk up. Ford and GM both offer programs to convert stock pickups or work vans to propane, and early demand looks promising."―The Kiplinger Letter, December 9, 2011.

"Move over, electric car, and make way for the natural gas powered vehicle, the new darling of green automobiles. Natural gas vehicles are inching up in popularity, the Kansas City Star reports.

"With supplies of natural gas rising, vehicles powered by the fuel are enjoying a resurgence of interest. One of the biggest challenges to widespread use of such cars is the lack of fueling stations, but companies and states are boosting the number of natural gas stations.

"Four states have asked automobile makers to increase the number of natural gas vehicles produced, while a Georgia public utility company recently announced plans to build a network of natural gas stations in the state. Even Congress is looking into providing financial assistance in the building of such a network.

"Fueling the push for more vehicles and fueling stations is the huge amount of natural gas being extracted from U.S. shale formations. Currently, natural gas is the main heating source for homes and businesses in the Midwest, but with supplies skyrocketing, more people are considering other uses for the fuel.

"Many states have natural gas powered fleets but there's not as many vehicles running on natural gas available to the public. Supporters of natural gas vehicles say the low cost of fuel is a strong selling point, but that it probably won't catch on until there's more places to fill up."―NACS Daily News, December 8, 2011.

. The state now requires certification of individuals who exercise supervisory control over the installation, removal and repair of underground storage tanks (USTs). The rule is effective January 16, 2012, and contractors have six months from that date to obtain certification. The Alabama Petroleum Equipment Contractors Association (ALPEC) provides a certification program that meets the requirements of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. Go to for more information and class dates. PEI members serving on the ALPEC board of directors include Doug Maze, M & W Equipment Co. Inc. (president); Dale Simmons, Estes Equipment Company, Inc. (vice president); John Beck, MECO, Inc. (director); and Allen Turner, Turner's Pump Shop (director). Mindy Newell is ALPEC executive director.

The Volumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit
(VEETC) is set to expire at year's end. The subsidy is worth 45 cents per gallon of ethanol or 4.5 cents on a gallon of E10 fuel pumped at the local gasoline station.
Hockman-Lewis Limited, West Orange, New Jersey, has hired J. Matthew Davis as its vice president of sales and marketing, effective January 1, 2012. His initial responsibilities will be to oversee and grow the sales of the company's automotive service and industrial equipment, and serve as regional sales manager for the Middle East. Davis formerly worked for Rotary Lift Company, a division of Dover Corporation.
Empire Co. Ltd., parent company of Canadian chain Sobeys, said it would buy about 250 retail gasoline outlets from Shell Canada. Sobeys currently has 43 outlets in Atlantic Canada under various banners, and some dealers in Quebec that also sell gasoline. The Shell Canada stations are located in Atlantic Canada and Quebec.
The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) receives roughly 200 new leak reports every year, or about one every workday according to Bruce Palin, IDEM's assistant commissioner for the office of land quality. IDEM reports it has 2,100-plus contamination cases that are still active, with an average fix and cleanup cost of $200,000 per case.―, December 10, 2011.
An investigation into a gasoline explosion at a Santa Rosa, California, refueling station on November 23 found that a large container carried in the back of a van was being filled with fuel from the gas pump. "The lack of grounding of the container could have sparked the blast," said John Lantz, Central Fire assistant chief. The explosion was powerful enough to blow the locking mechanism from the back of the van 55 feet across the parking lot.
Slidell Oil Co., Slidell, Louisiana, has acquired Interstate Oil Co. Inc., a 45-million-gallon fuel distributor, transporter and retailer, with 24 convenience stores in and around the Montgomery, Alabama, metropolitan area.―, December 15, 2011.
New testing shows that isobutanol fuel blends do not cause irregular or unstable engine or performance issues in small engines such as those used in outdoor power equipment, according to the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI). The results, OPEI said, suggest isobutanol could help meet the renewable fuel mandate with minimal to no impact on existing equipment and off-road vehicles.

Zambia service provider
. Western Pumps & Construction Ltd., P. O. Box 37851, Lusaka, Zambia 10101, has applied for service and construction division membership. Daniel Karubiu is managing director for the firm, which was established in 2004. The company builds gasoline stations and offers ultrasonic tank testing. Sponsored for PEI membership by John Thompson, LqdCntrols, Lake Bluff, IL.


  • Reverso Pumps, Fort Lauderdale, FL (mfr)
  • Fuelmatics, Stockholm, Sweden (mfr)
  • Al-Yonani Establishment General Trading, Dubai, UAE (aff)
  • NZN Builders Inc, Palatine, IL (S&C)
  • Lake Country Petroleum Inc., Bemidji, MN (S&C)


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