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March 3, 2011 | Vol. 61, No. 5

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Dear PEI Member:

We met with more than 120 members and their customers in February at various industry meetings, including the Western Petroleum Marketers Association and NATSO annual conventions. Based on what they told us, here's our take on the prospects for the rest of the year.

Overall, this year is shaping up to be no betterbut no worsethan 2010. About one-third of the members expect improvement, another third a slight downturn, and the rest about the same as last year.

PCI compliance work is 80 to 85 percent finished, and the lion's share of what's left to be done should be completed by summer. Underground storage tank inspections continue to produce some upgrade/replacement work, but it's primarily nickel and dime stuff. Problems with ultra low sulfur diesel haven't magically disappeared. Some new construction projects are on the books, although many are waiting for financing and/or the end of winter. We have the impression that our members are in a little better shape construction-wise going in to the spring of 2011 than they were a year ago.

The sale and installation of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) equipment should take off somewhere between the fourth quarter of 2011 and the second quarter of 2012. It is during this time period that on-road trucks requiring DEF should hit the 10 to 12 percent mark. Truck stop owners/operators suggest that they will begin to lose business inside the store and at the diesel dispenser if they haven't moved from 1- to 2.5-gallon jugs of DEF to filling at the island by that time. Commercial trucking companies that have replaced vehicles recently and that fuel locally should begin the transition from jugs (at $5 per gallon) to drums, totes and mini-bulks (at $2.20 to $3.50 per gallon) during the same time period. The biggest question for retail marketers now is the appropriate size of the tank and whether to put it on the island or under ground.

Conversations about various E15 scenarios are certainly on the uptick. However, with all the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the introduction of E15, petroleum marketers are taking a wait-and-see approach before actually making changes to their refueling equipment infrastructure. For starters, a House bill passed two weeks ago to fund the government through September would prevent EPA from proceeding with its program to allow E15 in newer vehicles. The bill also would block federal funding for the installation of certain ethanol-related infrastructure at refueling facilities. If the House bill issue is resolved (industry observers think it will be) then the industry still must deal with a host of state and federal requirements―as well as practical challenges―before bringing E15 to market. EPA regulations; FTC and EPA labeling requirements; state fuel requirements (blend level caps, vapor pressure limits, fire safety codes and NIST specifications); ASTM specifications; and multiple lawsuits need to be met/resolved before the marketers will consider changing their legacy equipment. What equipment a petroleum marketer installs in new facilities is a tough decision at this stage of the game. 

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Peter Birkenbaum
, treasurer of Southwest Energy Control Systems of Canada, died February 12 following a massive heart attack on a beautiful evening in Puerto Vallarta after a day on the golf course with one of his oldest friends. He was 68. Survivors include his wife, Christine; a daughter, Tiia; and a son, Peter.

Texas distributor
. Petroserv Inc., 8022 Jacksboro Highway, Fort Worth, Texas 76135, has applied for distributor division membership in PEI. Mike Garrison is president of the firm, which was established in 1989. The company sells equipment for fuel systems, and provides service and construction to its customers. The company represents Bagby, Bennett, BravoInc, ChampLabs, EmcoWheatn, ESCO, Harco, Omntec, OPW-FC and PMPCorp. Sponsored for PEI membership by Mark Barron, PtrSolutns, McAllen, TX.
LED lighting products manufacturer
. Bare Development, Inc., 5425 9th Avenue, Countryside, Illinois 60525, has applied for manufacturer division membership. William Moldenhauer is president and CEO of the firm, which was established in 2006. Bare Development manufactures LED lighting retrofits for the service station industry. The retrofits are sold through distributors. Sponsored for PEI membership by Cameron D. Carmack, Catlow, Tipp City, OH.
LED lighting manufacturer
. SloanLED, 5725 Olivas Park Drive, Ventura, California 93003, has applied for manufacturer division membership. Jill Bonilla is the marketing manager for the firm, which was established in 1957. The company specializes in the design, manufacture and application of LED technology in the signage, architectural and retail lighting markets. SloanLED's products are sold through distributors. Sponsored for PEI membership by Dan Hull, FHSign, Euless, TX.  
Missouri fuel marketing and solutions company
. Protec Fuel, P. O. Box 464, Lake Ozark, Missouri 65049, has applied for affiliate division membership. Michelle Kautz is public relations/development director for the firm, which was established in 1999. Protec Fuel is a turnkey ethanol fuel marketing and solutions company dedicated to fuel retailers and fleets across the nation. Sponsored for PEI membership by Bill Reichhold, Wayne, Austin, TX. 
North Dakota business management solutions provider. Pedigree Technologies, 1810 NDSU Research Circle North, Fargo, North Dakota 58102, has applied for affiliate division membership. April Cox is marketing manager for the firm, which was established in 2004. The company provides web-based solutions that connect and automate sensor-enabled physical assets for supply chain, fleet and maintenance applications. Sponsored for PEI membership by Steve W. Sulland, ValleyND, Grand Forks, ND.
Secondary containment instrument provider. Caldwell Instruments Inc., 9215 Meadowside Court, Loomis, California 95650, has applied for affiliate division membership. Joseph W. Caldwell is president of the firm, which was established in 2007. The company manufactures a high-accuracy and low-cost secondary containment, overfill bucket and dispenser pan testing instrument. Sponsored for PEI membership by Eric Hick, CGRS, Fort Collins, CO.
California installation and repair firm. P.F. Services Inc., 125 North 12th Avenue, Upland, California 91786, has applied for service and construction division membership. Pablo Fuerte is president of the firm, which was established in 1999. The company installs, services and repairs industrial garage equipment such as USTs, ASTs, fuel and lube dispensing equipment, air compressors and hoists. Sponsored for PEI membership by B. A. Scowley, ShldsHarpr, Martinez, CA.
Indiana general contractor. TolTest Inc., 6145 South Indianapolis Road, Whitestown, Indiana 46075, has applied for service and construction division membership. Thomas M. Riddle is bulk fuels director for the firm, which was established in 1986. TolTest offers design engineering as well as general contracting for tank and pipe system installation and removal. Sponsored for PEI membership by Daniel J. Esposito, OilEqpSup, Indianapolis, IN.


  • Creeds Petroleum Limited, Mount Buchanan, PEI, Canada (S&C)


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