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July 16, 2010 | Vol. 60, No. 14

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Dear PEI Member:

The tabulation of ballots has been completed in the nominating election of PEI board members from our even-numbered districts and affiliate division. One member ran unopposed and has already been certified as a winner by the PEI Election Commission. Three members received enough votes in the nominating stage of the election process to be elected to the board without having to participate in a runoff election. Runoff elections will be held in Distributor Districts 2 and 4, and in the Affiliate Division. Ballots for the runoff election were mailed July 12. Here are the election results, according to Calvin Bishop, El Paso, Texas, chairman of the PEI Election Commission.

Distributor District 2 - The two nominees in the runoff are Scott Hafer, Hafer Petroleum Equipment Ltd., Reading, Pennsylvania, and Jody Porter, E. O. Habhegger Co. Inc., Yeadon, Pennsylvania. District 2 covers DE, MD, PA, VA, WV, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Hungary. 

Distributor District 4 - The nominees in the runoff election are Charles Burns, Oscar W. Larson Co., Clarkston, Michigan, and Tim Woofter, Stanwade Metal Products, Inc., Hartford, Ohio. The winner will represent distributors in IN, KY, MI, OH, Egypt, Israel, Kenya, Oman, Ontario, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sudan, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

Distributor District 6 - The new director representing District 6 is Susan Gozdowski, Ampsco, Forest View, Illinois. She will succeed Phil Farrell, Double Check Company, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri. Distributor District 6 is composed of distributors in IL, IA, MO and WI.

Distributor District 8 - The new director representing District 8 is Mark Cowie, White-Tucker Company, Houston, Texas. He will succeed Robert Peavey, PumpTex Inc., Beaumont, Texas. Cowie will represent distributors in KS, NM, OK, TX and Mexico.

Manufacturer District 10 - Eva Chambers, Veeder-Root, Simsbury, Connecticut, has been elected to represent District 10 whose members manufacture pumps, meters, controls, vapor recovery equipment and filters. She will succeed Al Eichorn, PMP Corporation, Avon, Connecticut.

Manufacturer District 12 - The new director representing District 12 is Brad Baker, Husky Corporation, Pacific, Missouri. He will succeed Robert J. Milo, Universal Valve Company, Inc., Elizabeth, New Jersey. Members in Manufacturer District 12 manufacture nozzles, valves, fittings, tank coatings, gauges and secondary containment systems.

Affiliate Division - The nominees in the runoff are Patrick O. Fiedler, Fiedler Group, Los Angeles, California, and Brian Wiegert, Rounds & Associates, Urbandale, Iowa.

PEI Nominating Election Results

ADA Compliance Reach Issues

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The July 7 online issue of NACSDaily contained an article warning its members that new ADA compliance ranges are coming and it is "highly likely that the maximum reach ranges for motor fuel dispensers will be modified." Although no new ADA regulations or laws have been released, NACS strongly recommends "that all members involved in new construction conform to the 48-inch reach range on all dispensers being installed," measured from the pedestrian lane below the pump. NACS also recommends to its members: 

  • If placing your pump on a 6-inch curb, your reach range is now 42 inches.
  • The access lane for the vehicle is normally sloped away from the pump for drainage purposes. The slope cannot exceed ¼-inch per foot (2 percent) but this is nevertheless going to affect the 48-inch total reach range when measured from the clear floor space where a wheelchair would be situated.
  • We strongly recommend taking into consideration the necessity of leveling pumps, finishing concrete, etc., and build in a 1- to 2-inch buffer for compliance. If planning to place a dispenser nozzle exactly at 48 inches, be careful when installing the dispenser because you may need to shim the dispenser to level it. This could make the just-installed dispenser a noncompliant dispenser. Moreover, any slope on the lane away from the pump also will mean it is noncompliant if it is set at exactly 48 inches from the floor directly adjacent to the pump. 
NACS says new ADA regulations are "likely to be released within the next month." The association is not certain if any new regulations will include a certain number of dispensers and if there will be retrofit requirements.


PEI is offering early-bird registration discounts of up to $200 for the 2010 PEI Convention at the NACS Show (October 5-8 in Atlanta, GA).

Trade show booth reservations for Atlanta are currently up 12 percent over last year's show in Las Vegas, with a significant number of new exhibitors, new products and new technologies. Education sessions include the latest on mid-level ethanol blends, ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD), social marketing, economic and regulatory updates and other expert presentations that will address the biggest topics affecting our industry. The 2010 show also celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Petroleum Equipment Institute.

Note: Early-bird registration discounts end August 13. Group discounts are also available for companies sending five or more attendees. Register now.

The 95th annual meeting of the National Conference on Weights and Measures was held this week in St. Paul, Minnesota. We plan to offer more details in a future newsletter, but here’s a brief summary:

  • The conference agreed on a method of sale regarding hydrogen, but deferred to SAE on the topic of the fuel’s quality.
  • A biodiesel measure to require transfer documents indicate the exact percentage of the alternative fuel was stalled. Currently the FTC fuel rating rule does not require disclosure if the biodiesel portion is 5% or less.
  • A new work group tasked with reviewing current retail fuel pricing practices met for the first time in St. Paul. The group will be soliciting input from industry stakeholders including dispenser manufacturers, consumer groups and related organizations. A timeline and game plan will be determined in mid-August.
  • A minor but far-reaching revision involving remanufactured equipment was moved to the back burner. The committee, meeting late into the night, decided not to vote on the measure and invite further discussion of the issue. We’ll be watching this issue closely over the coming months.


PEI is now offering for sale the contents of its Safety Resources Lending Library. The library consisted of more than 120 titles in both VHS and DVD format.

Available on a first-come, first-served basis, the videos cover a number of important and timely safety topics, including heat stress, employee safety, confined spaces, basic first aid, eye protection, lockout/tagout and many more. VHS format videos are $10 each, while DVDs are $50 each. Visit our website for a full list of titles available.

PEI's new safety learning system--the PEI Learning Center--is an online, web-based safety resources library powered by Coastal Technologies, a leading provider of safety and training resources. The online system allows PEI members immediate access to reasonably priced courses on fall protection, confined space, HAZWOPER, driving safety, hazardous materials and much more. The system requires no contract, and students may review program material for up to 30 days before taking an exam. Each student successfully completing a course is awarded a certificate of completion. Managers can enroll and assign multiple students, then monitor their progress. For immediate access to the PEI Learning Center, visit

. Gov. Pat Quinn (D) signed legislation last month (Public Act 96-908) that amends the Illinois Environmental Protection Act as it pertains to the UST fund and the Illinois EPA's Leaking Underground Storage Tank program. The new law requires that corrective actions comply with requirements under the Illinois Pollution Control Board's "tiered approach to corrective action objective," known as TACO. The change allows the state to clean up sites in line with the future risk profile of the property. In addition, the law requires corrective action projects to go through new bidding procedures and preapprovals to reduce costs. The Illinois UST fund currently carries a backlog of more than 2,300 claims totaling $65 million.

Tanknology Inc.
, Austin, Texas, has named Brad Walls director of sales, non-retail fuels. He most recently served as regional sales manager for Great Plains Industries, Inc.
Neumayer Equipment Company, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, announced that E. J. Maruska has joined the company as assistant service manager. 

Electrical power controls manufacturer
. Custom Designed Controls, LLC, 55 Gateway Drive, Lavonia, Georgia 30553, has applied for manufacturer division membership. John Stryker is a managing director of the firm, which was established in 2004. The company supplies electrical power walls/energy controls for retail petroleum locations. The company sells its products through distributors. Sponsored for PEI membership by Matt Essig, Dencor, Denver, CO.
Manufacturer of steel inserts for UST spill buckets. Atlantic Fuel Technology, 8784 Becca Pt., Cordova, Tennessee 38016, has applied for manufacturer division membership. Thomas V. Thillen is president of the firm, which was established in 2009. The company manufactures steel inserts for underground fuel tank fill port spill buckets, which are sold through distributors. Sponsored for PEI membership by Gary L. Snyder, AtlanticFab, Harrisonburg, VA. 


  • Infor Global Solutions, Colorado Springs, CO (aff)
  • The Scan Group, Inc., Yarmouth, ME (aff)
  • Hefei Zhongsheng Fueling Equipment Manufacture Co., Heifei City, Anhui Province, China (aff)
  • Cedar Landmark Development, Chino Hills, CA (S&C)
  • Albert's Gas Station Maintenance Inc., Cambridge, ON (S&C)
  • Joya Wallace, AAA Cooper Transportation, Dothan, AL (O&E)


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