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March 3, 2009 | Vol. 58, No. 6

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Dear PEI Member:

PEI and NATSO, the trade association which represents travel plazas and truck stops, will co-sponsor a one-day conference on diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The conference will be held June 5 at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville. A cocktail reception will precede the event the evening before.

Diesel exhaust fluid will be required, beginning in 2010, for the exhaust systems on most new diesel trucks which will utilize selective catalytic reduction (SCR) as an emissions control technology. DEF is a urea-based mixture which is specially formulated for use in the new emissions systems.

The program is currently being finalized. The tentative program covers the following topics:

  • EPA's Role in Emissions Reduction Measures
  • The Outlook for SCR Trucks in the U.S.
  • All About DEF
  • The European Experience with DEF
  • DEF Quality Concerns
  • The DEF Locator Service
  • Code and Regulatory Issues
  • Equipment Concerns
  • Strategies to Rollout DEF

This will be the most comprehensive one-day conference on diesel exhaust fluid to date. If you are a PEI member interested in providing equipment to support this technology, you should make plans to attend now. Space will be limited.

PEI/NATSO DEF Conference

DEF Storage & Dispensing Subgroup

E12 Coming?

In This Issue

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Registration for the one-day program will be $149. A limited number of tabletop exhibits will be available. Contact Bob Young for more information on exhibits. Registration and housing information will be available soon.

The North American SCR (selective catalytic reduction) Stakeholder Group represents nearly 200 public and private organizations that support the availability of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), a fluid that enables SCR systems in vehicles to operate. The Stakeholder Group is committed to establishing a nationwide infrastructure that supports product availability and assures the quality of diesel exhaust fluid for passenger cars and light trucks introduced in 2008/2009, as well as for medium- and heavy-duty trucks using SCR technology to meet new EPA emissions standard requirements set for 2010.

Participants in the SCR Stakeholder Group include government agencies (EPA and DOE), automotive and heavy-duty engine and truck manufacturers and trade associations, fuel retailers and truck stop trade associations, chemical and oil companies, diesel exhaust fluid producers, and storage and dispensing equipment companies.

The SCR Stakeholder Group met February 25 for the purpose of forming a subgroup on dispensing and storage issues. Bob Renkes, PEI's executive vice president and general counsel, agreed to chair that subgroup. After consulting with members of the Stakeholder Group who have an interest in storage and/or dispensing equipment, a one-day meeting was set for March 17 in Cincinnati at a location to be determined. PEI members who are not part of the SCR Stakeholder Group and would like to participate in the subgroup on DEF storage and dispensing should contact Bob Renkes at by Friday, March 6, identifying who will attend the March 17 meeting and any items they want to put on the agenda. We recognize this is short notice, but the SCR Stakeholder Group has put this issue and subgroup on a very fast track.

According to press reports, it appears automakers are about to drop their opposition to using an E12 blend of gasoline. "Automakers' acquiescence to E12 would go a long way to breaking the logjam of opposition to the higher blend," said Kiplinger's Biofuels Market Alert. Food processors, environmental groups, engine manufacturers and refiners have also expressed their concerns with adding more ethanol to gasoline, the newsletter said.

OMNTEC Mfg., Inc.
, Ronkonkoma, New York, has appointed Lucas Ford and Associates, to represent the company in Alabama, Florida, the Caribbean, Georgia, and eastern Tennessee to the Tennessee River.
Monitor, Inc., Sherman, Texas, is celebrating 50 years in business this year. Monitor manufactures service station canopies, steel buildings and carwash structures.
The Steel Tank Institute and Steel Plate Fabricators Association elected the following PEI members to its board of directors: Sonny Underwood, Mid-South Steel Products, Inc. (chairman of the board); Chuck Travelstead, Brown-Minneapolis Tank Co. (president); Tim Woofter, Stanwade Metal Products, Inc. (vice chairman); Ron Houston, J. L. Houston Co. (treasurer); and Charles Frey, Jr., Highland Tank & Manufacturing Co. (board member).


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