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September 7, 2007 | Vol. 57, No. 18

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Dear PEI Member:

PEI’s mission is to be the leading authority and source of information for the petroleum equipment handling industry. We are pleased that the vast majority of PEI members—94 percent—tell us we are achieving our mission. This percentage has improved over time, and we believe that’s due, in part, to the acceptance our recommended practices have had over the last two decades. 

PEI has been producing recommended practices since 1986. Our first one, Recommended Practices for the Installation of Underground Liquid Storage Systems, was written at the request of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is referenced in the federal underground storage tank law.  It is the most requested document ever produced by PEI.

Five years later, we wrote two more documents because the industry needed comprehensive, yet concise, uniform guidance on the installation of ASTs and installation and testing of vapor recovery systems. Recommended Practices for Installation of Aboveground Storage Systems for Motor-Vehicle Fueling (RP200) and Recommended Practices for the Installation and Testing of Vapor Recovery Systems at Vehicle Fueling Sites (RP300) were written to fill that void.

A rash of refueling fires in 2000 and 2001 caused end-user customers and contractors to become increasingly interested in procedures used in testing electrical continuity in dispenser hose assemblies. At that time, there were no procedures that were universally accepted by contractors, customers, manufacturers and regulators. PEI formed a committee of end-users, regulators and service contractors who responded to the need by writing the Recommended Procedure for Testing Electrical Continuity for Fuel-Dispensing Hanging Hardware (RP400), which was published in 2002.  

In 2004, equipment manufacturers, installers, maintenance companies and end-user customers sorely needed a document that described how to inspect and maintain fuel-dispensing equipment. Too many accidents were occurring simply because equipment on the dispensing island was not inspected and maintained on a regular basis, and the petroleum marketing community asked for our help. A committee was appointed that year and we published the requested recommended practices (RP500) in 2005.

Two years ago, the Board of Directors recognized that the association’s recommended practices were fulfilling an important role in the industry by providing information on subjects that no other group chose to cover. As a result, an ambitious plan to publish four new recommended practices was launched. After nearly two years, we are getting close to finalizing most of the documents. This is where we stand today on PEI’s four new recommended practices:   

  • Overfill Prevention for Shop-Fabricated Aboveground Tanks (RP600) will be printed and available by the end of this month.
  • Selection, Sizing and Installation of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Transmission Systems for the Lubrication Industry (RP700) is in rough draft form. This document should be available for public comment in late 2008.
  • Installation of Bulk Storage Plants (RP800) will be available for public comment sometime next month.
  • Inspection and Maintenance of UST Systems (RP900) is available for public comment through September 26 at www.pei.org/RP900.

One initiative from PEI’s 2007 Strategic Long Range Plan is to identify topics that might provide subject matter for other recommended practices. Future recommended practices should include all of the following elements:

  • The subject matter involves practices and/or procedures used in the petroleum equipment industry and serves the greater good of the industry,
  • The topic has not been adequately covered in documents produced by others, and
  • The expertise exists among PEI members to write the document.

If there is a topic that you believe PEI should consider developing as a recommended practice, we would like to hear from you. Email byoung@pei.org with your suggestions. We will compile the responses and forward them on to our board of directors for consideration at their next meeting. The current recommended practices are available for purchase at www.pei.org/shopping. Member price is $40.

Too many technical and equity questions were brought up at the 2007 annual meeting of the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) in Salt Lake City to pass the Laws and Regulations Committee’s proposal for permissive automatic temperature compensation (ATC). As a result, the NCWM Board of Directors appointed an ATC Steering Committee to quickly research and address these questions.

The Steering Committee met in late August in Chicago to consider what technical and training requirements weights and measures officials might require in the event the NCWM, Congress or state legislatures permit or require ATC at the retail level. This committee will prepare a report for NCWM members to reference and debate at their four fall regional meetings that begin September 9 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The Steering Committee’s report is expected to appear soon on the NCWM website at www.ncwm.net.

RP Topics Requested

NCWM Meets on ATC Issue

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PWI, Incorporated
, New Oxford, Pennsylvania, and PIM/UEG, Sewickley, Pennsylvania, have established a joint venture that will operate as PWI West. Formed to better serve the Pittsburgh market, PWI West will operate from PIM/UEG’s facility located at 241 McAleer Road, Sewickley, Pennsylvania 15143. Phone: 412-367-0515.
J-8 Equipment Company, Denver, Colorado, is currently celebrating its 50th year in business.
Tanknology Inc., Austin, Texas, has added Mayflower Oil and Gas Co., Lagos, Nigeria, and Tekcellent Private Limited, Karachi, Pakistan, to its group of international licensees.

Exxon Mobil
has put its Argentine assets (branded Esso) up for sale, according to the daily newspaper Clarin. The assets include a refinery and a chain of service stations. According to the newspaper, Esso controls 12 percent of the Argentine market.Brazil’s Petrobras said August 28 it expects to reach large scale cellulosic ethanol production in 2015, with the first plant entering operations as early as 2011.  

Guardian Fueling Technologies, Inc.
, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, has named Blake Bammer director of construction operations for Guardian’s company-wide construction activities. The company’s construction division is now completely independent of all branch operations.
Lori Stevens, in-house counsel for Ohio’s Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR), has been named acting BUSTR chief. She replaces Pete Chace, who served as BUSTR chief since 1999.

, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, plans to renovate each of its 1,600 convenience store sites over the next 3 years. The changes include a new look for the canopies, pumps and signs. In addition, most sites will receive new paint, new lighting and digital signage. The company also plans to add 500 more stores over the next 4 years.—CSP Daily News, August 30, 2007. Tri Star Energy LLC, Nashville, Tennessee, has purchased 57 Scot Markets in Tennessee and Kentucky from Consumers Gasoline Stations Inc., Nashville. Tri Star Energy is a joint venture of Kimbro Oil Co., The Parman Corp. and Motiva Enterprises LLC. Most of the 57 sites will be converted to the Shell brand.
The Kroger Co. and VeraSun Energy Corp. announced that 20 Kroger convenience stores in Ohio and Kentucky will offer VeraSun’s VE85 ethanol blend.
Motiva Enterprises LLC
, Houston, Texas, has sold its interest in 18 retail gas station sites and assigned Shell-branded supply agreements to an additional 35 sites in the Hartford/New Haven, Connecticut, area to CPD Parent Properties LLC, a subsidiary of Chestnut Petroleum Distributors Inc., New Paltz, New York.

The Georgia Tank & Environmental Contractors Association (GTEC) is sponsoring three tank seminars and courses this fall in Atlanta:

  • Underground Storage Tank Closures/Removals Seminar  (September 27).  The morning session covers the physical and safety aspects of removing and closing a UST. The afternoon session covers sampling, closure reports and corrective action for leaks. Participants may attend either or both sessions. 
  • UST Leak Remediation Seminar (October 25). This seminar is designed for UST owners who may have leaking USTs and for environmental consultants and contractors who remediate UST leaks.
  • UST Cathodic Protection Testers Course  (October 31 -  November 2). This course qualifies technicians to perform cathodic protection testing of both galvanic and impressed current systems. The course includes field training and a certification exam.

PEI members receive a discount on the courses.  Vendor tables are available.  Contact billgreer@gteca.com.

Jorgensen Petroleum Maintenance, Inc.
, 1709A North Fares Avenue, Evansville, Indiana 47711, has requested its membership division in PEI be transferred from the affiliate division to the distributor division. The company represents BetaLight, Catlow, Cim-Tek, ClayBailey, CntmtSoltn, Flex-Ing, FuelMaster, Gasboy, IRPCOinc, ModernWeld, Moormann, PMPCorp, Pneumrcatr, PtrParts, RDMElec, RedJacket, Robertshaw, SoTnk&Mfg, SuprCanopy and TotlConSys. The transfer is sponsored by Steve Murray, MurrayEqp, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and W. Douglas Bruce, RBMCo, Knoxville, Tennessee.


  • TIPCO Technologies, Owings Mills, MD (dis)
  • Petrotec, Assistencia Tecnica as Ramo Petrolifero, S.A., Guimaraes, Portugal (mfr)
  • Fatboy Electric, Inc., Kansas City, MO (aff).
  • Solenoid Solutions Inc., Erie, PA (aff)
  • Channakorn Engineering Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand (aff)


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