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Attend the PEI Virtual Convention

Plan now to join us for the first-ever Virtual PEI Convention! As you now know, the physical PEI Convention was cancelled due to State of Nevada virus mitigation mandates. But we are not going to let that stop us from connecting with one another. The PEI Virtual Convention will be on the air LIVE on November 10-12, 2020. Registrants will also be able to view the content on-demand after the event. So now you can attend from the comfort and safety of your office or home. As the event nears, each registrant will receive log-in instructions to access the digital content. 

The cost to register is $125. 

Register me now for the Virtual Convention!


Special refund instructions for preregistered Las Vegas Convention attendees

If you already registered for the Las Vegas in-person event, see below for options on how to receive your refund. Use the links below to use part of your refund to attend our 2020 PEI Virtual Convention or request a full refund. If you transfer your registration to the virtual event by Sept. 7, you’ll receive a 20% discount ($25) on the virtual convention registration fee.

Transfer $100 of your per person refund to attend the PEI Virtual Convention  

As our thanks, you’ll save $25 off the regular $125 registration rate by automatically transferring to the online experience. We’ll refund your credit card the difference between the total price you paid for the in-person event and the discounted $100 per-person virtual convention fee. 

Transfer a portion of my refund to the Virtual Convention

Receive a full refund for all attendees without registering for the PEI Virtual Convention

We’ll refund the full registration amount you paid to your credit card (but we’ll miss you at the virtual event). Your registration will be canceled, and you will not be able to access the digital content. If you register for the PEI Virtual Convention later, you will not receive the $25 discount. 

Refund my registration fee now

Transfer some attendees to virtual & receive refunds for others 

If you purchased a group plan and not everyone will be able to attend the virtual convention or if you want to transfer a registration to someone else at your company, please contact PEI at 918-236-3967.

Please note that all refunds will be credited to the credit card used at the time of purchase. Refunds may take up to four weeks to process. If we do not receive your response by September 7, we will automatically proceed with issuing a full refund for all attendees without registering for the virtual event.