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RP900: UST Inspection and Maintenance (2021 Edition)

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Recommended Practices for the Inspection and Maintenance of UST Systems consolidates published and unpublished information from equipment manufacturers, service and installation contractors, petroleum marketers and regulatory agencies on the proper inspection and maintenance of underground storage tank (UST) systems. The recommended practice applies to USTs and associated equipment intended to store and dispense gasoline, diesel and related petroleum products at vehicle fueling facilities. The equipment covered includes all below-grade, liquid- and vapor-handling components accessible from grade over or near the top of storage tanks and below emergency shutoff valves at the fuel dispensers.

PEI developed this recommended practice to promote proper inspection, operation and maintenance of underground storage systems, to enhance the longevity and trouble-free performance of UST equipment, to promote fire prevention and storage system safety, protection of human health and the environment, regulatory compliance and early identification of potential equipment problems, and to reduce liability associated with the operation of underground storage systems.

The 2021 version includes the following revisions:

  • Updated monthly and annual inspections requirements to mirror EPA requirements
  • Removed requirement for daily inspection (Chapter 6) and made optional
  • Modified monthly inspection process to reflect removal of daily inspection
  • Modified daily inspection to an optional periodic operational inspection and moved to Appendix
  • Added language that the optional periodic operational inspection is a possible method that can be used to comply with monthly inspection
  • Modified language on who should complete monthly and annual inspections by revising the definition for qualified person and removed requirements for Level I and II designation
  • Updated periodic, monthly and annual checklists
  • Reordered Appendix to reflect changes for monthly, annual and optional periodic operational inspections
  • Clarified use of electronics sensors for leak detection
  • Clarified use of statistical inventory reconciliation for tank and line leak detection

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Download Appendix:
Appendix A-1: Monthly UST Inspection Checklist
Appendix A-2: Annual Dispenser Inspection Checklist
Appendix A-2: Annual Fill Containment Sump Inspection Checklist
Appendix A-2: Annual Leak Device Inspection Checklist
Appendix A-2: Annual STP Inspection Checklist
Appendix A-2: Annual Transition Sump Inspection Checklist
Appendix A-2: Annual UST Inspection Checklist
Appendix A-2: Other Sump Inspection Checklist
Appendix A-3: Sample Site Plan Form
Appendix A-4: Optional Periodic UST Inspection Checklist

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