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Request for Comments

Submit Comments or Corrections for RP800

Instructions for Online Submissions

  1. Any individual or organization may submit a proposed change. To make sure comments are accurately presented to the committee responsible for revisions, please submit a form for each section to be changed. If changes are not made in this format, suggested changes might not be correctly presented and therefore left to committee interpretation.
  2. Each proposal must be submitted on a separate form.
  3. Each proposal must be accompanied by some rationale for the change. This should be listed in the Substantiation field.
  4. New drawings, photographs, charts or other figures shall be submitted in a form suitable for reproduction. Contact Scott Boorse for more details.
Describe the suggested change here. If possible include the revised language as you believe it should read.
Explain here why you believe this suggested change is needed.
Original material is considered to be the submitter’s own idea based on or as a result of his own experience, thought, or research as to the best of his knowledge, and is not copied from another source.
If not original material please indicate the source.