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Recommended Practices Online Tests

PEI offers online tests for each of the technical documents we publish. The test questions, written by the committees that create each recommended practice, were designed to evaluate knowledge gained from information contained in the particular document. 

How it Works
All tests are multiple-choice, with most containing 70 questions. For each test, we have compiled about a hundred questions and our program randomly shuffles the questions. This way no two tests are identical and each user receives a unique quiz. 

The tests are administered online and require no special software or plugins. All you need is a web browser and Internet connection— they're even mobile-friendly!

Once the test is completed, the user immediately receives a score and Certificate of Completion showing the number of correct answers. Additionally each question, with the correct answer, is displayed for review. 

Score a 90% or better and receive the prestigious PEI Achievement of Excellence stamp on your certificate.

How to Buy
Tests can be purchased two ways: individually or by annual subscription.

An annual subscription (available only to PEI members) gives a company unlimited access to all tests, including updated and new recommended practices. The subscription option is ideal for companies with a large number of employees, or for a company that wants to retest in training sessions and/or use the tests for pre-employment screening purposes. An annual subscription is $495 for members and $995 for nonmembers. Individual tests are $75 per test for PEI members and $295 for nonmembers.

To take a test or purchase a test or an annual subscription visit