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Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy

Revised: Effective 24 May 2018

What this policy covers

Your privacy is important to us, and so is being transparent about how we collect, use, and share information about you. This policy is intended to help you understand:

  • Examples of ways we collect your information
  • What information we collect about you
  • How we use information we collect
  • How we share information we collect
  • How we store and secure information we collect
  • How to access and control your information
  • How we transfer information we collect internationally
  • Other important privacy information

This Privacy Policy covers the information we collect about you when you use our products or services, or otherwise interact with the Petroleum Equipment Institute (for example, attending PEI events), unless a different privacy policy is displayed. This policy also explains your choices about how we use information about you. Your choices include how you can object to certain uses of information about you and how you can access and update certain information about you.

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Examples of ways we collect your information

The Membership Application Form requires individuals to provide contact information such as address(es), phone number(s), and email address(es). This together with demographic information (i.e., job title, membership division, and business focus/lines), PEI uses the information to provide member services, such as the Journal, as well as catalogs and promotions of publications, meetings, and other products and information of interest to you.

Information may be collected on an order form, an event registration form, or in another manner when information is requested or products and services purchased from PEI. PEI collects contact information (address, phone number, etc.), payment information (an account or credit card number) and other information. This information is used to fulfill orders and to contact the customer as necessary. automatically records the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer accessing the site as well as the time and date of access. This information does not identify you personally, nor does it contain your name or email address. PEI uses this information solely for the purpose of diagnosing problems with the PEI server and to administer the website, or to determine access rights.

PEI uses internet cookies to deliver content that is specific to your interests and to keep track of your preferences. When your browser accesses the site, PEI's server checks your browser settings to see if it is permissible to store this identification information on your computer. The cookies set by PEI do not personally identify you; they simply permit PEI's web site to know what your preferences are. Cookies are also used to help determine how many unique users access pages on the web site and may direct specific advertising content to you on selected pages.

What information we collect about you

Account and Profile information: We collect information about you when you apply for membership, create or modify an account, create or modify your member search directory profile, set communication preferences, participate as a speaker, author, wiki contributor, forum participant or volunteer, and when you register for, subscribe to, or make purchases for PEI products and services.

Payment information: We collect certain payment and billing information, such as payment card details, which we collect and process in accordance with PCI DSS standards. When you designate a billing representative, we collect personal information about that representative including name and contact details.

Cookies and other tracking technologies: PEI and our third-party analytics partners use cookies to provide improved functionality and analytical data. For more information, please see our Cookie Policy.

How we use information we collect

To provide services and personalize your experience: We use information about you to authenticate you when you sign in and notify you according to your communication preferences that you have given specific consent to receive. We will update you regarding the delivery of products or services you may expect from PEI. This includes notification of new membership benefits and/or services you may qualify for, such as a member discounts. We also will contact voting members regarding elections, scholarship and important bylaw information, as well as information regarding the status of your orders for products and/or services.

For research and development: We are always looking for ways to make our products and services smarter, faster, more secure, and useful to you. We use collective learnings about how people use our services and survey feedback provided directly to us in order to troubleshoot and to identify trends, usage, activity patterns and areas for improvement in PEI products and services.  This means we don’t identify you individually, but look at visitors as a whole in identifying ways to improve how we interact and communicate with you.  For more information, see our Cookie Policy.

To market, promote and drive engagement: We use your contact information and your communication preferences to send newsletters and promotional communications that you have given your consent to receive. The communications are aimed at driving engagement and maximizing what you get out of PEI. You may then access your account online and manage your account at any time. Please see the How to access and control your information section below.

How we share information we collect

Third Parties Performing Services: We employ the services of third party processors in order to deliver quality products and services to you. Your information is shared at the time you elect to utilize the benefits of those services. Only the minimum information necessary to fulfill those services is shared with the third party processors. For example, when you elect to receive communications through the privacy tab in your online member profile, we share your contact information and preferences with our email marketing service provider for the delivery of specific emails and then your information is returned to us or destroyed. If you take a online recommended practices exam, your information is provided to the exam purchaser for the sole purpose of delivering the exam, results, and support services.  In these instances, only the information absolutely necessary to deliver the service is provided and is then returned to PEI or deleted once the service is complete.  Your information may not be used for any other purpose.

Third Party Marketers/PEI Partners: We do not share your information with third party direct marketers for any reason except if you register through PEI for a partnered event. In those cases, we will securely transfer your registration and contact information to the host of the event.  In order to offer member discounts and/or benefits through PEI’s affinity partners, we may share your member information to those specific PEI affinity partners.

Third Party Advertisers: We do not share personal data with the advertisers for any advertisements that are displayed on our website. We do use a 3rd party service to provide such ad functionality, but personal information is not shared that would identify you.

Membership Directory: All PEI members receive a profile that appears in the Member Directory online. Your member profile is automatically populated with information provided, including your name, membership status, business address, business phone, business, fax, and primary e-mail. Additional profile information is available to be populated by you. You may also select to hide or display individual fields in the Online Directory. All members will be able to view your full profile, according to your privacy settings. The public is able to view basic information (name, city, country) within the Member Search results if your profile is enabled for the Online Directory.

Company Controllers:  Company controllers are able to register you, on your behalf, for an event as an employee or guest of their company. A company controller is required to enter your name and email address. If we find a match on email address, that registration will be added to your account history, but no personal information is shared with the Exhibitor Controller other than the data they entered. If an email match is not found, a new account is created and you will receive an email indicating the order was processed on your behalf. You may then access your account online and manage your account at any time. Please see the How to access and control your information section below.

How we store and secure information we collect

Data Retention: We retain your contact information and transactional history with PEI for so long as necessary to fulfill the legitimate interest of the association, for the duration of the business or contractual relationship, for historical information and legal requirements.

Security: We take technical, physical and administrative measures to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data you provide to our organization. We take similar measures to evaluate the security of the third party processors we employ.

How to access and control your information

My Account: You may access your account online upon successful sign in to update your contact information, view your membership summary, manage your communication preferences, manage your privacy settings, update your membership directory profile, download your data, and view your purchase and donation history.  If you have further questions about your data, or objecting to certain forms of processing you may contact us.

How we transfer information we collect internationally

Our offices, web site hosting and data centers are located in the United States. Your information is securely shared between the offices in order to deliver products and services.

Other important privacy information

Data subjects in the EU will be asked to provide their clear and unequivocal consent for the collection, processing and transfer of their personal data. 

Data will be processed fairly and in accordance with applicable law. 

Our Policy towards children: Our services are not directed to individuals under 16 years of age. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 16 years of age. If we become aware that a child under 16 years of age has provided us with personal information, we will take steps to delete such information. If you become aware that a child has provided us with personal information, please contact us.

Contact Us

If you have further questions about your data, or objecting to certain forms of processing you may contact us by post at:

Petroleum Equipment Institute
PO Box 2380
Tulsa, OK 74101
or by email at