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PEI Women Sessions

Association Update
Jason Blake
BlakePEI Executive Vice President Jason Blake will discuss what the association has been up to lately and provide a look at where we’re going in the future. The discussion will include an update on PEI workforce development initiatives as well as new educational offerings for PEI members.

Living Exponentially
Jennifer Davis
Exponentiality is the secret to doing more, being more and getting the most out of your life, without losing the joy in the journey. Through an exponential mindset, you will succeed in business and live your life to the fullest. Jennifer Davis, author of the best-selling book Living Exponentially, will share how an exponential mindset means making a conscious effort to get the most out of every moment, every minute, and every interaction. Living Exponen­tially is living life to the fullest. 

Building a Culture of Success: Leadership at All Levels

The key to a successful organization is to have a culture that .


PEI Women Panel
Hear from women in the industry as they share their personal stories of success and how they drive performance in their companies. Panelists will also discuss the industry's biggest challenges and offer their advice on how to address them.