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PEI Women Conference Testimonials

This is just a few of the attendee comments about the 2016 PEI Women Conference:

From survey question "What did you like most about the conference?"

  • "Everything was great - From the hotel to the speakers to the food.  Not sure how you will top it."
  • "Meeting all of these great women.  The speakers were great too.  Always leave our meetings feeling energized and excited to get back to work."
  • "Great opportunity to build network and see other women in more intimate industry setting.  Sessions fill me up in ways I don't get at my job."
  • "The speaking sessions were excellent!"
  • "The opportunity to break out of our regional bubble and meet and speak with peers has been invaluable."
  • "Group diversity!  This is a great group of women!  I've been delightfully surprised by the mix in age/region/position."
  • "The speakers were fantastic again this year!  Such a great event...getting to know people, sharing experiences, etc."
  • "Seeing lots of strong women who share so much!"
  • "The speakers are excellent and I enjoy meeting all the women and seeing the ones I knew."