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PEI Virtual Convention & Expo FAQs

Sessions & Content

Are there any instructions on how to participate in the virtual convention & expo?

Yes, watch this walk-through video for detailed instructions.

When and how can I access the virtual conference?

First register by clicking here. Once your registration has been processed by PEI, you will receive a link to the platform.  This link will provide access to the conference through December 31, 2020.

What if I don't receive the link?

Contact or by phone at 918-494-9696 and a member of the PEI team will assist you.

Can I share this link with others?

Just like an in-person meeting, registrations cannot be shared. The registration provides a single sign-on secure experience for an individual user.

Will this have a single login where a group can attend together, or is it intended as an individual attendance?

The conference is a single sign-on experience and intended only for individuals. Each registration is just for a single person, and the content cannot be exported out of the platform for a shared experience. If you registered a team or group, each person will have their own unique login.

How do I login to the platform?

You only need the email address (all lowercase) you provided during registration to access the platform. There is no password.

Will session materials (handouts or PPTs) be made available?

Session materials (if provided by the speaker) will be available for download on the platform and will be available through December 31, 2020. 

How long will content be available on the platform?

Content will be available for viewing through December 31, 2020. 

Am I able or allowed to share downloadable conference content?

You will be able to download handouts and/or PPTs (if provided by the speaker); however, no platform recordings of any kind can be downloaded (or shared) at any time. This is a single sign-on/no group sharing of content, meaning your registration is just like a conference badge at an in-person event. Registered users will be able to access all conference content through December 31, 2020. 


Event Platform

Who/What is Intrado?

Intrado is a cloud-based secure streaming conference solution used for the 2020 PEI Virtual Convention & Expo.

Do I have to watch the conference from the same device used to register?

Your registration login can be used on any piece of equipment, but you do have to use the email address that was provided when you registered. If you were registered as part of a team, be sure to confirm the email address with which you were registered as the platform requires each person to have a unique login.  

I’m not sure if my company will allow access to the Intrado site. Is there a way I can check to ensure I won’t have problems?

You can run a system check here. Please note that the platform works best when accessed via Chrome or Firefox.

If I have any questions, whom can I contact?

You may contact PEI at or by phone 918-494-9696.

Does the price enable multiple attendees like a webinar setting?

This conference is a single sign-on experience, and each registrant will receive his/her unique login, including individuals who are registered as part of a team. This login allows one user to navigate through the platform and experience sessions, the exhibit hall, and more.

Content cannot be exported or downloaded from the platform for a shared experience among non-registrants.

I didn’t register for the live show but can I access the sessions on-demand?

Yes, you may register for the on-demand sessions at an incredible value at just $125. Register by clicking here.



PEI Member Lounge

Everyone is invited to stop by this lounge to take a break between sessions, network with other attendees or obtain more information on how to become a PEI member.

PEI Latin America Lounge

Everyone is invited to visit this lounge to learn more about the PEI Latin America initiative or visit with PEI Latin America constituents.  


Test your knowledge in the daily trivia contest for bragging rights. You may also earn badges for a chance to win one of three $100 Amazon gift cards. The winners will be notified by PEI staff after the convention. Official rules available here.

PEI Resources

Stop by PEI Resources, found in the main navigation bar or from the virtual lobby. You can visit with PEI staff, check out the latest Recommended Practices, read the 4th quarter PEI Journal and learn more about PEI networking groups to name just a few.