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PEI Member Directory Listings

Each year PEI publishes the annual PEI Directory.

PEI Directory

All member companies are included in the online and printed Directory. These listings include pertinent data about your company, personnel, products offered and contacts. This listing is a benefit of your mem2021 PEI Directorybership and does not incur any additional cost.

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For more information on any of these features or other aspects of the PEI Directory contact Teresa Farmer

Optionally members can upgrade their listings in the annual PEI Directory. These enhancements do involve an additional annual cost which can be paid each year along with your membership dues. Here are details on the enhancements available and who can participate.

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Logo Listings
Your company logo can be included in the printed Directory. The image is black and white and can be up to 2 inches square. If you have Brand or Branch listings (see below) you can purchase logo listings for those entries. For image specs and preferred formats for print-ready logo images refer to our media kit.  
Annual Cost: $250 per Logo
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Branch Listings
If you are a Distributor, Affiliate or Service & Construction division member and have more than one location you may benefit from including Branches. A Branch Listing appears in the printed and electronic Directory with full contact and personnel information. The name of the Branch will be displayed with the same company name as your main listing- just denoted as a Branch. We'll even mail a copy of the Directory to the branch location!
Annual Cost: $75 per Branch
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Brand Listings
If you are a Manufacturer division member and market products under more than one trade name you may benefit from adding Brand Listings. The purpose of these special entries is to provide Distributor members a way to publicize the fact they offer your product. The brand will be shown in the printed and electronic Directory with a reference to your main company listing.
Annual Cost: $345 per Brand
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Logos | Branches | Brands