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PEI Insurance Discount Program

General Liability/Pollution Liability

The association sponsors two insurance programs that offer general liability and pollution liability insurance for PEI members. Monroe & Monroe Insurance offers coverage through Mid-Continent Insurance Company. STICO Mutual offers PEI members the opportunity to participate in a risk retention group for their insurance coverage.

Monroe & Monroe Insurance
Chris Monroe
(800) 324-8607 

STICO Mutual
Colin Donovan
(847) 253-5761

PEI Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

In spite of our best efforts to prevent them, accidents–serious ones–can and do happen every day. If a serious accident occurs, the primary concern should be recovering from the injury ... not the financial loss such an accident can create.

That’s why PEI makes available a 24-hour worldwide insurance plan with Mutual of Omaha that can help provide you with the financial peace of mind against the risk of covered injuries.

Rich & Cartmill Insurance/Bonds

Cheryl Sloan
(918) 743-8811

Employee Benefit Program at No Cost to the Employer

You know how important it is to keep employees happy and working at full capacity. You also know how difficult it is to provide them with a benefit program that doesn’t cost a small fortune. 

One way for employers to bolster their benefits without incurring extra cost is to offer voluntary benefits–benefits selected and paid for by the employee.

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Glenview, Illinois 60025
Phone: 847-953-8072