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PEI Industry Alert: Inaugural Issue

March 23, 2020

More than 43% of PEI manufacturers and approximately 33% of distributors, contractors and affiliates participating in a March 16-18 survey say the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected their businesses. Although most members expect the health crisis to abate in the next few months, at least half report mild or moderate concerns about their business’ long-term viability as a result of the damage caused by COVID-19. 

Nearly 92% of members have instituted workplace changes, including enhanced hygiene procedures, travel and meeting restrictions and work scheduling adjustments, among other measures.

Some 196 PEI member companies (14% of all corporate members) participated in the COVID-19 Impact and Implementation Survey, a cross-industry study involving 2,762 manufacturers, distributors and other businesses. The survey was conducted by the independent research firm Industry Insights ( 

Complete results may be found in four separate documents under "PEI Resources" in PEI’s Coronavirus Resource Center:

  1. An executive summary of the PEI results
  2. spreadsheet with detailed (but raw) PEI responses on the survey’s questions:
    1. Company description
    2. Employee count
    3. Remotely working employees
    4. Job titles
    5. Opinions on the medical implications of the virus
    6. Employees with confirmed cases of COVID-19
    7. Contact with nonemployees who have COVID-19
    8. Direct financial impact to date
    9. Expected impact on revenue, employee count, advertising and technology
    10. Expected duration of day-to-day operational impact
    11. Concerns about long term business viability
    12. Supply chain issues
  3. spreadsheet with raw, open-ended survey comments
  4. An executive summary of the cross-industry survey findings.

Rick Long
Executive Vice President
General Counsel

This is the inaugural PEI Industry Alert. Future Alerts will be issued as circumstances warrant to deliver crucial information, updates and analysis more quickly than our other publication schedules allow. If you have questions or feedback on PEI Industry Alerts, contact Rick Long at