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PEI Business Advisory Group

Formed as a benefit to PEI member companies, the PEI Business Advisory Group provides strategic advisory services and management consulting. 

The PEI Business Advisory Group includes ten sought-after and nationally respected consultants specializing in a range of issues including safety, technology, human resources, credit, business valuation, distribution, inventory management and mergers and acquisitions. 

As part of its commitment to the success of its member companies, PEI will incur the cost of a 30-minute initial phone consultation with any single member of the Advisory Group. All PEI members receive a negotiated 20 percent discount on any remaining consultation sessions. The free initial consultations will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. PEI members are encouraged to contact the Advisory Group directly.

For more details on the members of the PEI Business Advisory Group click the links below:

Keith Whightsil | transportation regulations

Keith Whightsil is the president of Transportation Safety Consultants, Inc., a family-owned, full-service safety consulting company that specializes in the commercial motor carrier industry. Through TSCI, Whightsil provides customers with the training and tools necessary to ensure compliance with all Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Contact Whightsil by visiting his website or by calling (785) 267-1968.

Bob DeStefano | online marketing expert 

Bob DeStefano is an online marketing strategist with over 15 years experience helping companies leverage online marketing to produce bottom-line results.

Since the birth of the commercial Web in the early 1990’s, DeStefano has been helping business leaders create successful online marketing strategies. DeStefano's online marketing career began as a strategic planner for Dean Witter, Discover & Co. specializing in Internet and online marketing strategies.  At Dean Witter, DeStefano spearheaded the creation of the company’s first Website. As president of SVM E-Business Solutions, a leading B-to-B online marketing agency, DeStefano has worked with a wide variety of companies, from Fortune 500 companies to small family-owned businesses, to help them leverage online marketing to achieve bottom-line results.

Contact DeStefano by visiting his website or by calling (732) 868-8600.

Steve Epner | technology 

Currently, he works with the Gateway Venture Mentoring Service, St. Louis Regional Entrepreneurship Educators, and teaches Corporate Entrepreneurship in the MBA program at Saint Louis University.

Epner can be reached at (314) 313-2721 or by visiting his website,

Dr. Bart Basi | financial & legal planning 

Dr. Bart Basi is a lawyer, CPA and a specialist in the areas of financial accounting, business succession, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, retirement and estate planning, strategic planning, and tax aspects of business decisions for closely held and family businesses. Basi has written five loose-leaf bound books, eight workbooks, more than 300 articles, and has worked with hundreds of businesses and associations. 

Basi can be reached at (618) 997-3436 or by visiting his website,

Nancye Combs | human resources 

Nancye Combs is a speaker, writer, consultant and expert witness on human resources and workplace issues. Combs is president of HR Enterprise, Inc., a management consulting company based in Louisville, Ky. She has 35 years of experience in executive management, has worked with more than 500 clients worldwide.

Combs can be reached at (502) 896-0503 or by visiting her website,

Jon Schreibfeder | distribution & inventory 

Jon Schreibfeder is a nationally known consultant in the distribution industry. An industry expert and speaker on inventory management, Schreibfeder has literally "written the book" on the subject of distribution, entitled "Achieving Effective Inventory Management". Schreibfeder is President of Effective Inventory Management (EIM), a firm dedicated to helping distributors, manufacturers, and large retailers maximize the productivity and profitability.

Schreibfeder can be reached at (972) 304-3325 or by visiting his website,

Art Sodermark | safety 

Art Sodermark is the training director and lead instructor for Clermont, Florida-based Platinum Engineering & Safety, Inc. Art holds several training certifications including Certified Environmental Trainer, Certified Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Instructor, and American Safety and Health Institute Certified Trainer. Sodermark has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Safety Engineering, as well as a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering.

Sodermark can be reached at (352) 267-8440 or by visiting his website,