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Officers & Directors

PEI is governed by a 19-person board of directors. Nine directors are elected from geographical districts in the distributor division and the service and construction division; four are elected from product-line districts in the manufacturer division; and one is elected from the affiliate division at large.

The president and vice president, elected by the membership, also serve as board members, as do the executive vice president and treasurer, who are appointed by the board. The immediate past president continues as a board member for one year after completion of his or her term of office. Learn more about the election process

PEI Board of Directors


Ron Sledd, President
Beneficial Systems
Jetersville, VA

John Keller, Vice President
JF Petroleum Group
San Antonio, TX

Jim Ether, Treasurer
R. M. Dalrymple Co., Inc.
Saratoga Springs, NY

Steve Dixon, Immediate Past President
P. B. Hoidale Co. Inc.
Wichita, KS

Jason Blake, Executive Vice President 
Petroleum Equipment Institute 
Tulsa, OK

View the 2022-23 Board of Directors.