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Warren Rogers, a provider of fuel monitoring to convenience stores, travel centers and other fuel retailers, introduced an enhancement to its fuelWrap web application. 

The enhancement provides users with a comprehensive look at real-time tank gauge alarms directly on the online dashboard, accessible on desktops, tablets and mobile in a secure, cloud-based environment.

The alarm management enhancement features real-time alarm reporting and archived and historical alarms by location. After secure user login to fuelWrap, the tank gauge and sensor alarms may be filtered and sorted for easy review and exported to meet retailers’ internal reporting needs. Notifications can be delivered by email, text or phone call and can be customized per alarm type for the users’ specific needs.

“Our alarm management module and enhancement to the online fuelWrap portal helps people who are responsible for managing compliance, maintenance and costly customer disruption due to these alarms across many sites,” said William Jones, president and CEO of Warren Rogers. “We’re getting great feedback. Customers appreciate the real-time aspect of our alerting portal, as well as our customized alert notifications. Now, our customers can see what is going on in their sites immediately and make the best, most cost-effective decisions.”

Jones said the application’s cloud-based security features appeal to IT departments. The application uses the company’s security suite to keep users off VPNs and centrally administers login credentials.

As for the user interface, the fuelWrap and alarm management application has a streamlined dashboard with enhanced graphics so customers can obtain real-time data at-a-glance. Users may view the dashboard easily from their desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

The Warren Rogers procurement application is scalable to support organizations as they grow, according to the company. Warren Rogers provides all customers with personalized support from one of its analysts.

Founded in 1979 by Warren Rogers, Ph.D., Warren Rogers Associates pioneered the development of statistical inventory reconciliation analysis (SIRA) as a means of monitoring underground fuel tanks and associated lines. Warren Rogers later invented continual reconciliation analysis for fuel management.

Today, Warren Rogers specializes in statistical analysis and precision fuel system diagnostics for the retail petroleum industry. Recent initiatives include alarm management capabilities and the deployment of a secure procurement application for delivery forecasting and product dispatch, the development of KPI measures of the financial impact of tank system maintenance activities, and advanced delivery audit.

Warren Rogers solutions are PCI-compliant. The company holds numerous U.S., European and Canadian patents.