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The Mexico Petroleum Institute (IMP) evaluated, tested and approved the VST Platinum Central Vacuum System, Vapor Systems Technologies (VST) announced.

This means the system meets requirements of the Official Mexican Standard NOM-004-ASEA-2017.

NOM-004-ASEA-2017 is Mexico’s current official standard focused on gasoline vapor recovery systems for the control of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions at gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs) selling gasoline to the public.

The VST Platinum Central Vacuum System is an integrated system that controls the release of GDF fugitive VOC emissions.

The system includes necessary hanging hardware for dispensing fuel, including dripless vapor recovery fueling nozzles, hoses and safety breakaways. It is combined with the Green Machine vapor processor that continuously monitors and controls the pressure in underground storage tanks (USTs).

The Platinum Central Vacuum System incorporates several advantages from the company’s California Air Resources Board (CARB) enhanced vapor recovery product certifications.

CARB and IMP testing each demonstrated a 98% reduction in forecourt emissions from the hanging hardware. The Green Machine achieved a 99% efficiency rating through third-party independent testing and evaluation. The combined environmental impact of these products will allow Mexico to reduce VOC emissions by multiple thousands of tons annually.

The VST Platinum Central Vacuum System combines the U.S. CARB and Mexico IMP regulations into one system.

VST has dedicated 30 years to development, engineering, manufacturing, sales and solutions aimed at improving the fueling station experience, as well as the world’s air and water quality.