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TULSA, June 22, 2020/Petroleum Equipment Institute/ -- The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) will accept public comments for PEI/RP1600 consideration until the end of business Monday, June 29. Comments may be submitted at

The committee responsible for PEI RP/1600: Recommended Practices for the Design, Construction, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Liquefied Natural Gas/Liquefied Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Facilities will tabulate and consider all submitted comments within 90 days of the close of the comment period.

“This is the first edition of RP1600, and PEI looks forward to receiving public comments on the material,” said Scott C. Boorse, director of technical programs and industry affairs at PEI. “Submitting comments is the best way stakeholders can ensure PEI’s recommended practices continue to rely on collective experiences and wisdom across the fueling industry. Our committees are committed to determining the safest best practices for workers, the public and the environment.”

RP1600 will provide consistent recommended practices and procedures to promote the safe and reliable design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of LNG fueling systems.

The draft of RP1600 addresses offloading, storage and dispensing at private, retail and commercial fleet-fueling facilities. The document may be useful to those considering using LNG for vehicle fueling and those who want to learn how these facilities work. RP1600 also addresses the design and performance factors interested parties should consider before investing in such a facility. Code enforcement personnel charged with permitting and inspecting LNG fueling facilities might find RP1600 useful, too.

Members of the PEI LNG Fueling System Installation Committee, which is responsible for developing and writing RP1600, are:

  • Chairman Scott Zepp, of Consolidated Utilities Corp.
  • Jim Ames, of Ameswest Technical Services
  • Patrick Fiedler, of Fiedler Group
  • Jimmy Ford, of Power Integrity Corp.
  • Brett Hovland, of Shell Oil Co.
  • Paul Pitney, of Husky Corp.
  • Mike Pomerantz, of Bennett Pump Co.
  • Tom Wyper, of Fueling and Service Technologies Inc.

For more information on PEI recommended practices, email Scott C. Boorse at  


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