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Petrosoft LLC partnered recently with Bulloch Technologies to provide a back-office software solution for a global oil company's Canadian convenience stores, Petrosoft announced.

The partnership allows Petrosoft to integrate its back-office CStoreOffice software with Bulloch's point-of-sale (POS) BT9000 in thousands of C-stores in Canada. The deal also expands Petrosoft's reach into the international market.

"Our partnership with Bulloch Technologies is an incredible opportunity to expand into the Canadian market, which includes approximately 12,000 convenience stores with fuel," said Sergei Gorloff, founder and CEO of Petrosoft. "We can potentially introduce Petrosoft's back-office solution to 6,500 Canadian convenience store-gas stations already using Bulloch's POS, enabling them to streamline their operations, reduce costs and improve profitability."

Petrosoft has 18 years' experience in C-store back-office retail technology. Bulloch has 30 years' expertise in C-store POS technology.

About Petrosoft

Petrosoft, founded in 2002, is a cloud-based, back-office software solutions provider for convenience store, petroleum and food service industries. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Petrosoft designs, develops and markets end-to-end cloud-based retail automation solutions for the convenience store, petroleum and retail food service industries. Its products include CStoreOffice, SmartPOS, QwickServe, Direct Connect and Fuel-Central. The company connects internet-based retail management products with vendor, forecourt, POS, made-to-order, back-office, fuel management, network and financial systems. The company also offers electronic data interchange, invoice data processing, technical support and training. Petrosoft received the Top Innovation Partner Award at the 2018 SAP SMB Innovation Summit. 

About Bulloch Technologies

Since 1986, the Bulloch Technologies BT9000 system has been providing efficient, feature-rich and dependable C-Gas POS software. The company was the first to deliver EMV at the pump in North America in 2010.