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TULSA, Oklahoma, June 16, 2020/Petroleum Equipment Institute/ -- The 2020 edition of PEI/RP700: Recommended Practices for the Design and Maintenance of Fluid Distribution Systems at Vehicle Maintenance Facilities is available for purchase at

The purchase price is $50 for PEI members and $195 for nonmembers.

“The new version of RP700 includes updated references and style changes,” said Scott C. Boorse, director of technical programs and industry affairs at PEI. “PEI received no public comments on RP700. Therefore, the updated version contains no technical changes. It shows what a solid document RP700 continues to be.”

PEI recommended practices typically are revised every five years. The PEI Vehicle Maintenance Fluids Equipment Committee, which is responsible for RP700, ensured the 2020 version summarizes the design considerations and general guidelines for the proper installation of safe, reliable and functional centralized fluid-distribution systems for vehicle-related fluids.

The publication was developed from published and unpublished sources provided by equipment manufacturers and experienced installers.

RP700 provides recommended practices to facility designers and installers that:

  • Promote construction of systems that operate safely and reliably.
  • Promote trouble-free performance of fluid distribution equipment.
  • Provide ample flow rates at various flow volumes.  

The recommended practices apply to stationary, centralized fluid distribution systems for vehicle-related fluids such as lubrication oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, grease, antifreeze and windshield washer fluid. The equipment covered includes supply containers (tanks, drums, pails, etc.), piping and tubing, pumps, compressors, hoses, reels, nozzles and other equipment typically used to construct these systems.

The publication is not intended for mobile (e.g., truck-mounted) fluid distribution systems for vehicular fluids or distribution systems used in food service or food preparation operations.

PEI Vehicle Maintenance Fluids Equipment Committee members are: Chairman Philip Parker; Harrell Blair, of McKinney Petroleum Equipment; Perry Heaton, of C.L. McBride Co. Inc.; Donald Smith, of Balcrank Corp.; Alex Stuart, of Beneficial Systems; and Larry Webster, of Alfred Benesch & Co.

For more information, email Scott Boorse at


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