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TULSA, Oklahoma, June 25, 2019/Petroleum Equipment Institute/ -- The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) on June 24 deployed the first Spanish installment of the association’s “SafetyLetter.”

One of the most widely used PEI resources, the monthly digital publication presents anonymously submitted safety incidents in forecourts, excavations, confined spaces and other work settings with corrective recommendations from the PEI Safety Committee. 

“Safety best practices can save lives around the world,” said Liliana Cruz, the business consultant who directs Latin American efforts for PEI. “We hope our members will share the ‘SafetyLetter’ with all Spanish speakers at their companies.”

The Spanish edition of the “SafetyLetter” is the association’s first continual translation of a PEI publication. The translation, performed by Cruz, is the result of the PEI Latin American initiative that seeks to better serve fuel and fluid handling markets in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. Because safety is a universal need, Spanish speakers behind desks and at job sites across the globe will benefit from the new translated version of the e-newsletter.  

PEI members who wish to receive the Spanish version of the “SafetyLetter” may sign up at

For more information about PEI Latin American initiatives, call or email Cruz at +57 302 4614510 or Cruz is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


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