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TULSA, Oklahoma, Nov. 12, 2019/Petroleum Equipment Institute/ -- PEI partnered recently with Baxter Research Center (BRC) on an upcoming reader survey of PEI Journal subscribers.

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Advertisers in the fourth quarter 2020 issue of the magazine will receive data to compare how readers reacted to their ads and those of their competitors. The report will provide metrics that convey which articles and ads made the most impressions on readers, along with verbatim anonymous reader comments, reader purchasing involvement, preferred information sources and demographics.     

“We keep hearing that companies must take advantage of digital opportunities and use data analytics to decipher all the data,” said Kristen Wright, editor in chief of PEI and director of the association’s Young Executives program. “The Baxter survey will provide me with readership analytics so I can align articles in the PEI Journal with audience needs, and our advertisers will know which ads readers loved, which ones they forgot, and which ads and articles got the most eyes. We can act on that knowledge.”     

PEI selected the fourth quarter 2020 issue of the PEI Journal for the reader survey because the issue is the year’s largest and most read. The issue also is on-site during the PEI Convention at the NACS Show and contains the PEI Exhibitor Guide. Quarter-page, half-page and full-page advertisers in that issue will receive the Baxter survey report as a free, value-added benefit.

BRC will email the Baxter reader survey to subscribers on behalf of PEI after they receive their fourth quarter 2020 issues.

Questions about the reader survey may be sent to PEI Advertising Director Tom Leibrandt at or 918-236-3962.


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