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Leighton O’Brien, a fuel software and field technologies company, will showcase its Wetstock Live software featuring smart alarms, a precision tank test and fuel cleaning technology May 15-17 at Uniti 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The company’s integrity tank and line test is certified to detect leaks equivalent to 0.025 gph, or 400 percent more accurate than the U.S. required leak detection threshold.

The test records continuous readings from all parts of the tank and associated lines, providing real-time feedback on system integrity. Technicians can diagnose problems better, including the smallest leaks, water ingress and fuel system issues, so they can be off the forecourt faster.

“It provides digital — not analog — leak detection whereby mass readings are digitally measured, stored and reported, making it a fully automated, reliable and accurate test,” said Reed Leighton, CEO of Leighton O’Brien.

Leighton said fuel retailer imperatives to make informed decisions based on return on investment with greater intelligence about their network is driving smart alarm innovation.

“Oil companies shouldn’t solely rely on ATG alarms or raw data to manage their wetstock inventory,” he said. “False, isolated or simple alarms can result in unnecessary maintenance spend or steer focus away from what’s really happening with your tank system.

“Our Wetstock Live platform has integrated, smart, data-driven alarms that builds on a retailer’s ATG investment to provide an aggregate insight into their wetstock operations.

“If you’re not monitoring smart alarms underpinned by true, accurate data, how do you really know if your gauges are reading correctly or your pump flow slows and you’re giving away fuel?”

Leighton O’Brien also will showcase its centralized ATG polling software.

“What this means is fuel retailers can do away with expensive data collection devices on-site and costly ATG upgrades at site to monitor their network,” Leighton said. “Instead, we can install a polling engine behind customer firewalls to collect all of the ATG data to enable real-time monitoring of ATGs.”

When combined with transactional sales and delivery data, Wetstock Live can re-strap gauges, perform leak detection and provide pump accuracy monitoring in real time.

In addition, Leighton O’Brien will showcase its fuel polishing technologies that address fuel quality and water intrusion issues, malfunctioning dispensers and ATGs, blocked filters, bacterial growth, diesel bugs and phase separation.